FFXIV Gil: Where and How to Buy Safely? A Complete Guide

By | April 17, 2023
FFXIV Gil: Where and How to Buy Safely? A Complete Guide 1

Last updated on April 17th, 2023 at 12:56 am

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What is FFXIV Gil?

There’s no rocket science to it: Gil is the currency of the fictional world of Eorzea. Gil acts as the foundation for all legal trade in Final Fantasy XIV, just like the British Pound or Japanese Yen. A strong economy begins to form within the community after Gil is bought and sold in-game, just like real life!

It is important to participate in purchasing and selling goods and giving away and earning your own Gil. Ffxiv Gil buying safe methods.

1. Face-to-face gameplay

By far, this is the safest trading method, and we strongly recommend it for a quick and safe sale. We will send you a whisper in-game when you log in, so make sure you are online during our delivery estimate. When you are not online, you might receive an email or be asked to change the delivery method to the market board. You will be given a trade location in-game, and we will open up a trade with you once you are available. To complete your order, make sure your character has no limitations on trading.

As this is a real transaction, we recommend giving us an item while trading for additional security. FFXIV Gil can thus be purchased with the highest level of security. In-game trading is unavoidable, and this method can rarely be banned. Following this guide when purchasing FFXIV, Gil has never caused any problems for our customers. Last but not least, trading face-to-face is one of the fastest ways to receive your FFXIV Gil. Keep your Gil safe by never giving it back to anyone and using it to protect yourself from being hacked.

2. The Market Board

Getting your FFXIV Gil is as carefree and straightforward as using the market board. Those who are busy and can’t trade in-game can use this service. A market board item is required for this method. Consider putting up an item or loot with some rarity. It is recommended that you list a pink rarity item for extra security when buying large amounts of FFXIV Gil. After you choose the item, we will ask for your retainer’s name and retainer number during checkout.

We will also need your retainer city, for example, Limsa. Ishgard costs more. MB taxes result in 5% less Gil if you use the market board method. We will then buy the item from one of our accounts if you list the item for the Gil you bought. Your auction proceeds will then be sent to you. You should give us the correct information; otherwise, the transaction will take longer.

3. Fund your FC chest with your FFXIV Gil

One way to receive Gil efficiently and securely is by using your Free Company chest. You can use this method to trade Gil as long as you have the required access rights to the chest and are part of a Free Company. Gil earned from Company Chests can be shared with the rest of your guild to benefit everyone. Gil can only be donated to your FC chest, not withdrawn.

To avoid surprises, ensure your FC chest is secure and that your leaders allow the deposit. You may not want to use this method if you wish to keep your purchase private or don’t meet the requirements for membership in a free company. We will deposit the Gil and you will be able to use it to purchase a house, items, and consumables that fit your FC needs.

If you are a member of an active FC that goes through a lot of Gil, you may choose this method. All Gil must be used in a city and located in your chest. Also, make sure you trust anyone with access to your FC chest since we are not responsible for the deposit after the deposit has been completed.

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