8 Survivalist Blogs You Should Be Reading

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Last updated on April 17th, 2023 at 12:51 am

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Every blogging niche has blogs that stand out from the rest and provide excellent content. Some factors that make them great are their consistency in posting and the helpful information they provide. Traffic, blog comments, and Google ranking also illustrate a survival blog’s popularity. So, let’s dive into some of the survivalist blogs that you should be following and reading.

Bug Out Survival

Scott Williams is the man behind Bug Out Survival. He may not post as often as other survival bloggers, but he always has great content. His site has several helpful sections such as Bug-Out FAQs and a Bug Out Checklist.

The FAQs discuss what bugging out is about, and the checklist provides an example of what to pack if you’re heading out on foot in the lower 48 states. It’s quite an extensive list and can help you customize a list of items to stockpile in case you need to bug out. Scott is also an author of survival books such as Bug Out: The Complete Plan for Escaping a Catastrophic Disaster Before It’s Too Late.

American Preppers Network

American Preppers Network is a cross between a blog, store, informational site, and forum. It’s also a community where new preppers can ask more experienced preppers questions and get the answers that they need to start living the prepper lifestyle.

There are also a variety of articles on how to prep and other related topics. The blog also connects you to other preppers close to you so you can meet with like-minded people. That’s one really nice thing about a community. You don’t feel like you’re doing it alone. American Preppers Network is a quality blog, and it even offers free eBooks for people who want to learn more about prepping.

Off-Grid Survival

This blog is up to date and packed with information on surviving off-grid and related things going on in the United States. Off-Grid Survival provides critical information on how to survive extreme disasters and they are arranged in a drop-down menu, so information is easy to find. There’s information on man-made disasters as well as natural disasters.

Off-Grid Survival provides advice on the best survival gear to use and other necessities such as common first aid supplies, food, water, self-protection, and more. There are resources on how to prepare food, survival skills, and other helpful tips. New preppers can ask more experienced people questions, and the comment sections are active so you can contribute to the community.

The Survivalist Blog

This blog talks about topics such as homesteading, defense, DIY, prepping, and survival. You can sign up for their newsletter to get a free checklist of the 50 survival items you need to have when you’re not close to home.

The Survivalist Blog is run by the owners of SurvivalSullivan.com, Dan Sullivan and Tara Dodrill. They provide extensive information on living off-grid and surviving during and after catastrophic events. This blog chooses topics that relate to current events.

Some of the articles on the site now talk about your rights and Martial Law and what the authors did this week to prep. Their other contributors have extensive experience on these topics, so it’s a solid resource you should be following if you want to learn more about the prepper lifestyle. They have more than 13,000 subscribers.

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The Survival Mom

The Survival Mom is an incredible source for modern preppers and survivalists. The Survival Mom appeals to everyday people and provides sound advice for surviving and prepping that applies to everyday life.

There’s practical information on things like vehicle kits that you should always keep in your car, homeschooling, solar energy, stocking up, recipes, and much more. Lisa, the woman behind the blog, publishes content geared towards the woman of the house, but the advice is useful to men as well. It’s really focused on prepping and survival as a family.

The Survival Cache

The Survival Cache is more of a review site, but it has excellent information on survival and preparedness. The people behind the blog are from diverse backgrounds, from scientists to outdoor enthusiasts and military service members.  Their different backgrounds ensure that their material appeals to many readers and covers many critical topics. The reviews and articles on their site are a great resource for survivalists and preppers.

The Survival Blog

The Survival Blog is one of the most popular blogs on survival and prepper topics. It has a vast number of articles written by guests with a broad range of skills. Guest posts allow many experts to share their advice and cover a wider range of topics than any single person could do alone.

The blog has hundreds of high-quality articles, so you shouldn’t run out of reading material any time soon. The blog even has a Survival Blog Writing Contest, which is a fun way for readers to get involved and share their expertise. The prizes are perfect for any prepper.

There is also information on investing and a tab for resources that includes the reality of survival, getting started, checklists, finding other preppers, and more. The blog also has an excel spreadsheet full of resources.

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8 Survivalist Blogs You Should Be Reading 5


The final blog on this list publishes excellent information for when SHTF. The man behind the blog is Max Slavo, and there are plenty of discussions to join. Many of SHTF Plan’s articles center around things currently happening around the world, so it provides the most relevant resources for preppers and survivalists. There are crisis and preparation reports that prove quite helpful and show you how to live the prepping lifestyle.

You can easily access the article archives using the drop-down menu on the left. This blog seems to have a lot of articles on politics as they relate to prepping and surviving and how they affect people in America.

You’ll want to check these survival blogs out sooner rather than later. These blogs will help you keep up to date on the latest information regarding how to prep for and survive disasters of all kinds. Use them to start preparing for the worst-case scenario so you can protect your family if you’re separated from community resources after a disaster.

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