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By | November 30, 2021

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The reputation of Razer gaming laptop precedes it when you are looking to buy the best gaming laptop. When you spot the green and black colors, you know you are looking at gaming’s biggest names. They have been the pioneers for RGB lighting, which is almost on all peripherals, and that is because of the technology they use called Chroma. Razer is one of the top shots in the laptop gaming industry, and that was carefully planned by tuning its products with that of the gamers who use PCs. Now, this has been the trend since its first launch since 2012, when they had first launched it. They have come a long way from there, even though one should be aware of the fact that they released the thinnest gaming laptop.

It is best to evaluate which are the top four Lazer games laptops and if they are worth the investment. 

Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model

What Razer Blade 15 Model set out to accomplish when they launched this product, they ended up performing more than what they desired. They did proclaim it was the world”s thinnest and smallest gaming laptop, did not have much effect, as the advanced model shaped up to be the best they have introduced. They have made it affordable by keeping the lower to the higher end available. For example, GTX 1060 is the base model and the RTX2080 as the high-end model. Even though it is not the thinnest of laptops, it weighs lesser than 5 pounds, thus enabling the user to carry it wherever they want. 

When the space to innovate becomes lesser, compromises of quality are also made. The sacrifice of Ethernet is one example. This compromise would translate into spending extra from the wallet to buy a USB-C adapter, and it becomes a wired connection too. The four arrow keys have restricted space, and the flaw is obvious. If one considers these are minor flaws and can be ignored, then you are in for a terrific gaming ride with this Razer Blade 15, which undoubtedly becomes one of the best in its class. It beats the Mac Book Pro for size, and is competitively priced at just a notch below Rs. 3 Laks. The batteries do last a while for nearly 18 hours, and all other peripherals are classic. 

Razer Blade 15 Base Model

If one feels the advanced model is absolutely way above their budget, then they can make a good compromise by settling for the base model. Its graphic card is up to RTX 2060. There is no difference in the screen size, but a 4 K panel is out of the question. This base model would travel along with the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, and that would suit the GPU inside.

The critical factor is that the base model retains the Ethernet, which the advanced model was compromised on. Moreover, there is an extra slot available to install up to 2 Tb hard drives. The base model is slightly thicker than the advanced model but by only .78 inches, which is not a negative factor at all. The battery, of course, is not as durable as the other model and understandably so.

Razer Blade Stealth 13

At the very launch of this, it was never a competition for the others. The very fact that it had to be modified four times, after its initial launch, is proof enough for this. There is no doubt that the physical appearance was like the others, but the graphics were a big letdown. It could never capture the frame bits, and thus it went short of graphical prowess. And the cascading effect was that the visuals started cracking up. Even though they kept the size of the Razer gaming laptop thin, this acted as a deterrent against playing the games, which were consistently being released with new features. Therefore, they reinvented the machine by thickening it, and the earlier problems were mitigated to a large extent. 

Razer Blade Pro 17

This Razer Gaming laptop was released in 2018 and was considered very impressive by the gaming community. It had a 17-inch screen, which proved to be quite a hit and was also famous for its low power consumption. Blade 17 was well ahead of its times, but its capacity to accommodate the latest gaming did cause a problem. It is time for specific ‘touch-ups ‘to be made for it to continue selling, for example, the critical Board and the scroll wheel. Razer blade pro 17 would remain the best if it were to make these small changes.

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