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By | April 1, 2023
Adobe Reader DC version 2001

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Adobe Reader is probably one of the most standard applications to get installed on to new or rebuilt computers.

For home users, the process is pretty simple. You can download the installer (for online here or offline here) double click the downloaded file and run through the installation wizard.

That is all fine and great – but what if you are an IT pro and need to install it on multiple computers, maybe across multiple different sites and countries?

Well if you are an IT pro looking after multiple sites, the chances are that you have something in place for software deployment like System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Group Policy or another third party deployment tool.

This means that you will want to create and package the Adobe Reader Installer and deploy it silently. You may also want to add other parameters to the deployment command line.

We have gathered this information together for our own use, we tend to use the /sPB /rs command as this shows the end user some information, without them being able to stop it and it also suppresses any reboots.

The full list of available Adobe Reader Install parameters are in the below table.

Adobe Reader Install Parameters

/sAllRun installer in silent mode.
/sPBSilent mode with minimum UI: show the progress bar only.
/rsReboot Suppress. Setup.exe will not initiate reboot even if it is required.
/rpsReboot Prompt Suppress. If reboot is required, the system restarts without warning.
/ini “PATH”Relative or absolute path to an alternative (different) Bootstrapper INI file. The CmdLine of alternative INI will be ignored.
/lEnable Error Logging. Log file Bootstrap.log will be generated in a temp directory.
/sl “LANG_ID”Set Language, where LANG_ID is the decimal code of the destination installation language. Use it only for the multilingual installer, and make sure that the corresponding language transform file exist in the setup directory. If /sl “LANG_ID” is not set and you are running the multilingual installer interactively (not silently), ‘Choose Setup Language’ dialog will be displayed.
/msi[Command line]Identifies the portion of CmdLine for additional MSIEXEC command line parameters. Everything following /msi is passed to MSIEXEC without analyzing and without any changes.

MSI Extraction

If you want to extract the MSI installer from the offline installer, you can do this by running the following command:

AcroRdrDC1902120049_en_US.exe -sfx_o"C:\temp" -sfx_ne


  • AcroRdrDC1902120049_en_US.exe – Name of the offline installer (version number will change)
  • C:\temp – Extraction of MSI files location

When this is run, you should then get this output of files:

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC MSI Extraction Files
Adobe Reader Install MSI Extraction Files

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave us a message below in our comments section.

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