Removal of MSI Installers and 3rd Party Logos

Java MSI

As a few of ready noticed and contacted us about, you will have seen that we have today had to remove our MSI installers for products such as Java, Skype and Notepad++

This is because our hosting company has contacted us after they had received official complaints from lawyers demanding that we remove them from our site.

We have also been told to not use any of the Java logos in our posts.

Although we find this really petty, we have to respect their wishes, so today any offending content has now been removed.

We are a bit gutted about this as we have made the effort to put in the work so that mass installation of such products is made easier, however, as they provide a service where you have to pay them for such installers, we can see where they are coming from.

Java MSI Installer

However, as far as we are aware, we can still offer guides on how to use installers and in the case of Java, how to extract the MSI installer from their offline installer.

The guide on how to get the Java MSI installer is available here.

We apologise for this situation but there really is nothing we can do about it apart from have a good moan!

SourceForge Download

We have these on SourceForge if you want to download the Java MSI installers from there…

Download Java Client MSI & Archive Installers

Download Java Client MSI & Archive Installers


If you have any questions or queries, please do feel free to leave us a message below or use any of our social media channels.

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One Comment on “Removal of MSI Installers and 3rd Party Logos”

  1. You guys are legend. Thank very much for assisting us until today. Greedy companies and I wish Java’s end wil be like Flash one day.

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