SCCM – Full list of web security proxy exceptions

System Center Configuration Manager SCCM

When using Configuration Manager, you may find that some things may not work fully if you are also behind a web security proxy service.

We came across this problem recently where the Asset Intelligence Point was being blocked from contacting the internet due to web security. This caused this error in our Configuration Manager Console:

SCCM - Full list of web security proxy exceptions 1

So we started to investigate this and found that we had to whitelist in our web security. After that, it started working again, but this led us to think about what else should be whitelisted.

Below is what we have found, so please feel free to copy this list if you require to whitelist your Configuration Manager environment.

Whitelist URL’s

ModuleURL to whitelistService
Asset Intelligence Synchronisation Intelligence
ClientMicrosoft Active Protection Service
ClientMicrosoft Active Protection Service Device Attestation Service component requiring logon to online services
Primary Site* Distribution Point
Primary Site*.cloudapp.netCloud Distribution Point
Primary SiteWindows Store for Business
Primary Site Store for Business
Service Connection Point*akamaiedge.netUpdates and Servicing
Service Connection Point* and Servicing
Service Connection and Servicing
Service Connection and Servicing
Service Connection and Servicing
Service Connection Pointsccmconnected-a01.cloudapp.netUpdates and Servicing
Service Connection Point and Servicing
Service Connection Point* Intune
Service Connection PointMicrosoft Intune
Service Connection Point Intune
Service Connection 10 Servicing
Service Connection Point 10 Servicing
Site Device Attestation Service Updates
SUP* Updates
SUP* Updates
SUP*.windowsupdate.comSoftware Updates
SUPdownload.windowsupdate.comSoftware Updates Updates
SUP*.download.windowsupdate.comSoftware Updates Updates Updates Updates 365 Software Updates 365 Software Updates
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If you have any feedback or questions on this guide, please feel free to leave us a message below in our comments section.

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