Is the New MacBook Pro the Best Macbook Yet?

Many Apple users would advocate that the MacBook Pro is one of the best products that you can buy. So what about the latest model? Is it worth shelling out for a brand-new MacBook ($1800, Business Insider) when you can get better-tested MacBooks for less ($390, Swappa)? Is the new MacBook really that much better than its predecessors?

The new MacBook Pro appears to jump leaps and bounds over the others, showing Apple’s focus on new tech and specs rather than design. If you’re looking for a MacBook that can help improve your design quality, this might just be the MacBook Pro you’ve been waiting for. But let’s have a closer look, yes?


The new Apple MacBook Pro can be purchased at your choice of thirteen inches or fifteen inches, with a sleek finish of either silver or “space gray.” If you do not prefer the colors provided, Apple welcomes you to buy your preference of skin to match your unique style. The 13” and 15″ options also include an innovative Touch Bar with a Touch ID sensor, allowing for a greater user experience of the latest MacBook Pro.


The display consists of a 13.3-inch LED-backlit display with the latest IPS technology. The IPS runs at 2560-by-1600 native resolution 227 pixels per inch with support for millions of different colors. The supported scale resolutions are numerous, starting at 1680 by 1050 and ending with the lowest resolution of 1024 by 640, with 500 nits of brightness for each.


The keyboard on both sizes is full-sized and backlit. The 13″ includes 78-79 keys (including the regular 12 function keys and 4 arrow keys), and the 15″ includes 64-65 keys (including the regular 4 arrow keys.) Your functions on the 15″ have been replaced with the new Touch Bar and Touch ID technology. Each size also includes a Force Touch trackpad to navigate through your new MacBook Pro with ease.

What’s Inside

Inside, you’ll find the reputable dual-core i5 processor and the configurable i7 processor, allowing for great RAM speed with varying GHz depending on the size of your laptop. You’ll also have storage up to 512 GB, depending on the size, and the coveted Intel Iris Plus Graphics. Video and audio support appear to be backed fairly well, and there appears to be very little flaw with the interior design of the new MacBook Pro.

Do You Really Need It, or Are the Older Models Just as Good?

Yes…and no. Some users indicate that they love the new model, while others have reporting not noticing much of a difference beyond the redesigned keyboard.

This “latest and greatest” model appears to be one that is specifically designed for professional designers and creators in mind. If you’re simply in the industry to get a new computer for anything other than this computer, then it may not be the one for you. While it may be the newest and the latest, the previous MacBook Pro works just as well if you’re not looking for the professional capability to create and design.


Featured image source: PetaPixel

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