Sat Nav and Dashcam Suction Cup Issues Fixed!


There is an ever growing number of dashcams now being purchased due to the very low cost of them along with the YouTubers out there that want to stick you making the tiniest of driving errors, on the internet for all to see!

This has been the case for sat nav’s over the last 10 years with them becoming almost an essential tool of driving rather than an expensive toy for the few.

With the technology in mobile phones now as well, these are also now used as sat nav’s in vehicles.

This is all great and a big step forward in helping the motorist get around and film their journey. However, what is the single point of failure for all of these devices? – the stupid suction cup that never sticks correctly to your windscreen, falls off mid-drive, falls off if is too hot and falls off if it too cold!

Mine was evening falling of at night and setting my car alarm off – so before I got lynched by the neighbours and driven out with pitch folks, I thought I had better find out how to make this stupid suction cup for (in my case) my dashcam stick to the screen.


I started off like all good men in ignoring the instructions and insisting that I knew best and I could get this simple piece of technology stuck to my windscreen. After weeks of it falling off, I gave in and started to Google it.

There are so many people out there with ways of doing this but most of them are just either stupid or messy. I saw one guy in the US using a cigarette lighter to “slightly melt” the cup and then stick it on. I even came across a blog post of a guy in Russia using superglue to stick it?! madness.

The more I looked the more fed up I got of watching videos and reading blogs of people who clearly wanted nothing more than to break their dashcam and knackered their windscreen for good.

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So, I started talking to some of the sales guys at work – the ones that have to have dashcams in their company vehicles and spend half their lives in a vehicle. They all said the same thing and that they have never had a dashcam fall off their screens since using this method which I will shortly sahre with you guys reluctantly reading this blog post!

So, full of nothing but hope, I tried out their method and it worked, I could not believe it. It stuck straight on and five months later, it’s still there and never fallen off.

To read the proven method of making this work, click onto the next page below:

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