FAI’s Collaboration With Noosphere Ventures and Managing Partner Max Polyakov in the Field of Airsports

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Noosphere Ventures and FAI (World Air Sports Federation) formed a strategic collaboration on February 2nd 2017. This collaboration formed Global Technical Partnership of Noosphere Ventures and FAI.

Max Polyakov, Noosphere Ventures’ Managing Partner signed the Technical collaboration agreement. The other people who signed that agreement are the World Air Sports Federation president (Frits Brink) and the Secretary General (Susanne Schoedel). This partnership’s aim is to update the scoring, manage events and digital infrastructure in the institution that has been there for a hundred and twelve years.

Max Polyakov said that through their partnership with World Air Sports Federation, they look forward to bring innovation to the field of technical sports.

This revolution’s 1st stage was initiated on July 20th to 30th of 2017. This was during the Wroclaw (Poland) Games. Cup Navigator (a new scoring system) was the one that was used.

The software is for optimizing scoring and simplifying competition information monitoring. It was only applied in three events and it performed well. In future, it will be used in more events.

Noosphere Ventures along with founder Max Polyakov are happy to use that solution in the highly technical field in spite of the main criticisms with air sports is the challenges encountered in the results and the performance. If you are one hundred feet in the air, it is very hard to perform measurements to a similar accuracy as while on the earth surface. The contestants try hard to conquer gravity and the judges are supposed to try even harder to have accurate measurements. The expected scoring systems are structured to enhance transparency and accuracy of every event.

Michael Ryabokon, COO at Noosphere Ventures, revealed that they joined efforts with World Air Sports Federation is Space Modelling over 4 years ago. He further said that their idea has forever been to extend into larger sports such as gliding, ballooning ad paramotoring. He also said that they are happy to have their systems in place and functioning perfectly at the World Games.

Besides the scoring tool, Noosphere Ventures redesigned the Air Sports Games official website. That website is now having much more information about things like events, calendars, scores, news regarding future events and athletes’ bios.

It is worth mentioning that the contestants at the 2017 World Games event have noted a great improvement over the past years. By collaborating with Max Polyakov and Noosphere Ventures, the World Air Sports Federation believes that their great passion can attract a larger audience to their events.

Image credit: Noosphere Engineering School via FB facebook.com/NoosphereEngineering

Image credit: Noosphere Engineering School via FB facebook.com/NoosphereEngineering

Noosphere Ventures is again thinking of ways of improving many other types of sports. Early this year, they hosted a hackathon at prominent universities in Ukraine to come up with a new scoring system for ballooning events. Three great teams are trying their best presently on their prototypes in order to live-test their gadgets during the coming World Air Sports Federation Ballooning event.

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