The Evolution Of Gaming In The Modern Digital Age

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Since the first arcade video games released for commercial use back in 1970, with their simplistic graphics and limited joysticks, down to the immense variety of genres and gaming platforms available nowadays, the Video Gaming market has taken quite a giant leap forward. Nevertheless, this progress was a systematic one, advancing in parallel with the latest innovations in digital technology.

The First Major Game-Changers In the Video Gaming Market

One of the first major factors that made video games possible was the invention and incorporation into computers at that time, of the RAM memory. This new technology stood behind the first arcade game ever created, Computer Space. Its two developers, Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney, founded Atari, one of the top gaming companies in the years to come. After a series of basic arcade releases, Atari launches the first ever multi-game console in 1977, the Atari 2600. One year later, the game Space Invaders is released by Taito, registering an immediate success and becoming one of the first cult classic video games in history.

In 1979, Activision, a future giant of the video game market is founded by 4 former Atari members. The year 1980 brings along another all-time cult classic, developed by Namco, Pac-Man.

Video Games become more and more interactive and in 1984, Russian developer Alexey Pajitnov introduces the first ever Tetris version. The rights of the game are taken by the Soviet Government, only to be purchased later on by Nintendo, prior to the release of the Game Boy, in 1990. Nintendo’s 8-bit portable hand-held console literarily boosts the entire gaming industry in the future, being quickly followed by the Game Boy Color and Pocket editions. From that point on, innovations and progress start changing the industry from one year to another. PC-wise, the early 90’s bring along the first classic first-person shooter, Doom and the first online multiplayer installment from Blizzard, Warcraft: Orcs & Humans.

The First Titans In The Video Gaming Development Sector

In 1995, Sony releases the first version of the Playstation Console, followed by the Nintendo 64, one year later. Both set new standards and trends in portable video gaming, exceeded only five years later by the considerably enhanced Playstation 2 and the Xbox Console from Microsoft.

The year 2005 takes the Xbox to a completely new level through the even more capable Xbox 360, while in 2006 Nintento launches the interactive Wii Console, followed closely by the notorious Playstation 3. In parallel, Mobile Gaming is starting to develop and according to a Dr Vegas Casino game and slot review, it was also the first year to direct the Online Casino Industry towards Mobile Platforms.

2008 can be considered the actual birth year of Mobile Gaming, triggered by the launch of Apple’s app store. The Mobile Gaming universe expands extremely fast and in various directions, from the Angry Birds iPhone Game, to the FarmVille on Facebook.

The year 2013 marks another clash of the gaming industry’s titans, as Xbox releases the Xbox One console featuring improved Kinect sensors, while Sonny launches the remarkable PS4.

A Future Of Endless Possibilities

So far the evolution of gaming has been defined by continuous innovation and upgrade, both made possible by more and more sophisticated technology. With the first Virtual Reality Headsets and Controllers already launched, and along to the upcoming release of the world’s most powerful gaming console, the Xbox One X, the gaming world can only head towards even more amazing and mesmerizing creations, each time closer and closer to actual reality.

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