W3 Total Cache Error: Page Cache Rewriting is URL Not Working


If you are using WordPress for your blog and trying to setup W3 Total Cache, you may find that on your Administration page, you are getting this error:

“W3 Total Cache Error: Page Cache Rewriting is URL Not Working. Please verify that the server configuration allows .htaccess”

w3 error

There can be a few reasons for this but you can try this fix to see if it works for you….

First of all, you will need to edit the .htaccess file located in the root of your blog. Once opened you need to ensure that the text you need to add is placed at the very top of the file – this part it critical, do not place towards the end of the file, it absolutely must be at the top, this includes the built in WordPress text like this:

So, above the text above, add the following text:

So your .htaccess file should end up looking something like this:

You should then save your .htaccess file and overwrite the existing one on your blog server.

Now, if you go back into your WordPress blog administration page, you should now find that the W3 Total Cache Page Cache Writing is now fully working!



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