SQL Server Version Numbers


Below is a full list of SQL Server version numbers dating from version 7.0 through to the current 2016 RTM release.

CodenameRTMService Pack 1Service Pack 2Service Pack 3Service Pack 4
SQL Server 2016NA13.0.1601.5
SQL Server 2014SQL1412.0.2000.812.0.4100.112.0.5000.0
SQL Server 2012Denali11.0.2100.6011.0.3000.011.0.5058.011.0.6020.0
SQL Server 2008 R2Kilimanjaro10.50.1600.110.50.2500.010.50.4000.010.50.6000.34
SQL Server 2008Katmai10.0.1600.2210.0.2531.010.0.4000.010.0.550.010.0.6000.29
SQL Server 2005Yukon9.0.1399.069.0.20479.0.30429.0.40359.0.5000
SQL Server 2000Shiloh8.0.1948.0.3848.0.5328.0.7608.0.2039
SQL Server 7.0Sphinx7.0.6237.0.6997.0.8427.0.9617.0.1063


Our full range of SQL and WQL Collection queries are available here.


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