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Time for a Twitter mass unfollow? Is your Twitter full of people that you have followed over the years and you just want a big clear out?

If you have been on Twitter for some time, you may find that when you login you are getting loads of junk tweets that you are not really interested in. This is probably because you have followed a number of people without even thinking about it. But, what if you want a clean start and unfollow EVERYONE that you are currently following on Twitter? Then you want to carry out a Twitter mass unfollow.

Well, we are here to help!

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Twitter Mass Unfollow Video Guide

You can watch our video guide below or follow the detailed written instructions instructions.

Twitter Mass Unfollow Step by Step Guide

Note: For the purposes of this guide we are using our competition test bot that has been collecting followers for a few weeks for us.

First of all, make sure that you have downloaded and installed Google Chrome (download from here). Then open Google Chrome and login to the Twitter account that you want to unfollow everyone on.

Once you are successfully logged on, you should then go to this link:

This will now bring up all of the Twitter accounts that you are currently following:

Twitter Mass Unfollow

Then, with your Google Chrome window being active, press the following keys on your keyboard:

For WindowsCtrl + Shift + J
For Mac: Cmd + Opt + J

When you do this, it should bring up the console window within your Google Chrome browser and look something like this:

Twitter Unfollow Code

Then, in the console window you should enter the following code:

else t.trigger(“click”)


The above code can sometimes get the syntax wrong when you copy and paste it – so, if the script does not work first time, check the syntax, like the speech marks “” – delete them and retype them manually. It should then work – if you still have any problem with them, please contact us on either Facebook or Twitter and we will help where we can.

Also ensure that you change the drop down to be “top” like below:

Google Chrome Twitter Code

So your console window should look something like this:

Twitter Google Chrome

Then simply press the Enter key on your keyboard and it will start to unfollow everyone you are currently following. Note that if you are following 1000’s of people, it can take a few minutes to complete but you will see it in progress so do not close your browser or you will have to start again.

As you can now see from below, we were following 2407 accounts, but now it is back down to zero:

Twitter Profile


We would love to hear your feedback on this article so come and join us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think!

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