How to Mass Unfollow Everyone on Twitter


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30 Responses

  1. Federico Sconocchia Pisoni says:

    There’s something like this but just to unfollow who does not followe me back? Some filter like this? Thanks

  2. matt says:

    Here’s a version for the people who recently got hacked with hundreds of new followers they don’t want. Copy this and then do the last step:

    var refreshIntervalId = setInterval(function(){t=$(“.js-follow-btn”).eq(i);
    else t.trigger(“click”)

    To stop the automatic scrolling enter this:


  3. matt says:

    my account was compromised for the second time… following 400 people I’ve never heard of. Huge time saver. Thank you. Matt Visk, founder at

  4. John says:

    Excellent. Thank you!

  5. Pete says:

    This does not work on my mac. I get to the Twitter/following page, hit option-command-j. The console window opens but looks nothing like yourr console window. I can select bouncer flow but I do not have Preserve Log, Show all messages. AND I do not have the next line, ie, 7 NO chrome-extension://, etc. What am I doing wrong?

  6. Genesis says:

    Mines says refused to load script

  7. Bob says:

    Woah!!! Many thanks To You!!

  8. Levi King says:

    My account was compromised and it followed over 700 other accounts within two days. Thanks for this fix.

  9. BumblinaGirl says:

    Wow! This is exactly what I needed.. My Twitter account was hacked (months ago) and I just noticed. I emailed Twitter asking how to mass delete and they’ve decided that replying with autobots would be the best way to handle my issue. THANK YOU! Easy peasy!

  10. Laney says:

    Please make an Instagram one for this. This was truly amazing and helped me so much. Thank you.

  11. Ben Dixon says:

    Thank you so much! This was amazingly helpful!

  12. Yoav Schwartz says:

    just set the interval to 1000 (instead of 100) and you won’t hit the rate limit 🙂 Works great!

  13. muzramp says:

    Awesome guide, thank you. Is there a way to do this with Instagram

  14. Vince Aggrippino says:

    This worked fairly well for me. I went from following nearly 900 people to 0 in just a few minutes. It didn’t work perfectly, however. After pasting in the Javascript code it would unfollow a bunch of people then seemed to get stuck. All I needed to do was refresh twitter/following and paste the code again. Maybe the interval time is too low? There were error messages, but I ignored them.

  15. Cindy Robin says:

    Hi. I copied and pasted the code, and got the following:

    Uncaught type error: cannot read property ‘queryselector’ of undefined

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