Deploy Autodesk DWG Trueview 2017 using SCCM

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  1. PointMan says:

    Do I really need to copy over the entire setup directory, it’s 1.63 Gb large?!

    • You dont need to, it just needs to be the source for your deployment.

      • PointMan says:

        I have set it up as an application in ConfigMgr 1610, deployed as an available installation to my PC. If I go in and press Install on it in Software Center on my machine, will that not download the entire 1.63Gb from the ConfigMgr server to my machine and place that in the Windwsccmcache?

        • Depends on your configuration. If you have it setup to download to local cache then yes it will download the whole of the source data, however, under the deployment > Content for the application, you have a “Deployment options” drop down – you can change the setting their for how your clients get its data.

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