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Last updated on April 20th, 2023 at 01:08 am

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In the latest post on our KMS and Evaluation Product Keys series, we will look at using a “dummy” product key to allow Windows Vista to install – however, it will not activate. This is good if you are testing the deployment system and do not want to activate or if you are doing training sessions amongst other reasons.

You can enter these product keys below when requested either through the Windows installation process or through your MDT or SCCM task sequences:

Operating System EditionProduct Key
Home PremiumX9HTF-MKJQQ-XK376-TJ7T4-76PKF


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3 thoughts on “Windows Vista Product Keys

  1. Hello, I wonder if somebody could help me. I have a brilliant but OLD HP Laserjet 5 printer that prints 8.000 pages for one cartridge so I’m reluctant to send it to the scrap heap.

    Sadly, my Windows Vista desktop ‘died’ last year and this printer will not work with my new Windows 10 desktop.

    I searched online for an old Vista desktop that I could send documents to for printing. I have it here but the ‘enter product key’ screen will not recognise the code at the bottom of my PC page as it tells me that 0 or O are not allowed.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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