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With the launch of the .xyz domains, we thought we would get in on the act and purchase some of these ourselves for techygeekshome.

We have purchased the following domains all of which point to this sites home page for now although we might do something more interesting with them in time.

So you can now use any of these web domains to come straight back to our homepage.
We are looking at launching an email service in 2015 where you can have an email address of your choosing @ any of our web domains of which we now have 10. If you feel this is something you may be interested in, we would like to hear your feedback.

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5 Responses

  1. Farukh Rehan says:

    Working .. Thanks Bro

  2. ummareddy says:

    thankyou this keys are working…………

  3. Natiq Javid says:

    its working…great…thanks buddy

  4. A.J. Armstrong says:

    I tried it for Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter and it is working. Thanks.

  5. A.J. Armstrong says:

    hi! if i can rearm 5x, it seems that i have 900 days of using?

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