Java MSI Extraction from Windows 7 and Windows XP Machines

This guide will show you how to extract the MSI and CAB files from the Java offline installer so that you can then successfully distribute them using ConfigMgr, WSUS, WDS or Group Policy.

First of all, you should download the latest version of the offline Java installer from the link below:


Java MSI Extraction

Once you have the executable installer you should launch the file until you get to the “Welcome to Java” dialogue page. You should not click the Install button, instead, navigate to your local appdata folder (the user Application Data folder). The location of the local appdata folder is different for each Windows platform.

Note: You can navigate directly to your appdata folder by typing from a run box:


The different locations for the local appdata folders per operating system are below:

Windows Vista and Windows 7


Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\ApplicationData\Sun\Java\jre

Windows 2000

C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\ApplicationData\Sun\Java\jre<version_number>

The jre folder will contain two files:

  • and
  • jre.msi

Copy the MSI and CCAB files from the appdata folder and into a new folder on your desktop (or any other temporary location).

Now, going back to your Java installation, click the Cancel button to terminate the installation. There is no need to continue installation after the MSI and CAB files have been extracted.

You can now use these two files to distribute over your network in your preferred method.

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