Shoretel Contacts Import Enabler Released


UPDATE: Shoretel Contact Importer v2.1 is now available – click the Downloads button above to obtain


If you have Shoretel in your corporation and have recently upgraded to version 13 or above, you may have noticed that within the Shoretel Communicator Client the option for importing Outlook contacts has now been restricted to just allowing Contacts to be imported as you can see from the screen shot below:

Shoretel Contacts Import Enabler Released 1
In previous versions, you could go into your options and import Outlook contacts including Sharepoint lists, Suggested Contacts, Personal Contacts and Shared Mailbox Contacts like the selections available in the image below:
Shoretel Contacts Import Enabler Released 2
We have now designed a small program to address this issue which allows you to use Shoretel Communicator Client v13 and above and be able to import these other types of contact lists.


Shoretel Contacts Import Enabler Released 3


Once you have downloaded the program, simple run the executable file within the download package and you will be greeted by the main page:

Shoretel Contacts Import Enabler Released 4
Simply click the Run button and the program will make the necessary changes to the machine that it has been run on. After you have run this, you MUST reboot your machine for the changes to take place.
Then, start up your Shoretel communicator software, go into Options > Outlook > Upload Options and you should then find that you have all the options available to you again to import from the various contact lists that you may have connected to your Outlook client.
If you need to deploy this to a large number of machines, we may consider building a MSI for this fix alongside this program so that it can be used in SCCM or Group Policy. If you are interested in this, please leave a comment below.

We would like to hear your feedback on this new program and are always looking for new ideas on how to improve it so please feel free to leave a comment should you wish.


Download PAD File


If you have any comments, please leave them below using our comments system.

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