Find the make and model name of a machine using WMI


UPDATE : Get WMI Query v1.6 Now Released

You can use WMI for various things but one of its uses is for identifying the model name of a machine so that it can be later used for Configuration Manager OSD or maybe even for Group Policy WMI security.

To find out the model name of a machine using WMI, simply follow the guide below:

  • Go into a command prompt
  • Type in WMIC ComputerSystem GET Model
This should then tell you exactly what the model name is of that machine.
If you want to find out the make of the machine, you follow a very similar process:
  • Go into a command prompt
  • Type in WMIC ComputerSystem GET Manufacturer

Again, this should then tell you the make of the machine you are on.

To make this a much easier process though, we have now released a small standalone utility called Get WMI Query which you can run on any machine and it will give you a full range of WMI information and queries based upon the machine you run it on.

To get this utility, simply click the link at the top of this post.


If you have any comments or further suggestions on WMI, please use our comments system below to leave a comment.

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