Deploying and registering OCX files using ConfigMgr 2012


I’ve been asked about deploying and registering OCX files, well this is how we do ours…

Copy the INF and OCX files to a readily available location on the network. Also create two batch files (give the extension name of .cmd) with the following in each:

Batch file 1 (File Copy):

xcopy \LOCATION_OF_FILES*.* “c:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files” /e /c /i /g /h

Batch File 2 (OCX Reg):

regsvr32 /s “%windir%Downloaded Program FilesNAME_OF_OCX_FILE.ocx”

Then create 2 packages (yes both the same but one to copy and one to register) for those files in CM2012.

For the first package, lets call it “File Copy”, make the program point to the Batch File 1 (File Copy)

For the second package, lets call that “OCX Reg”, make the program point to the Batch File 2 (OCX Reg).

Then distribute those packages to your DPs so that are available.

Then, you create a Task Sequence under Operating Systems. Create two “Install Package” in this task sequence.

Then have the File Copy package run first, then the OCX reg one run second.

Deploy the task sequence to which ever collection you want it to go to and it should work!

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