Ultimate Settings Panel
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Get the latest release of our own custom-built Windows utility – Ultimate Settings Panel. This is a multi-panel utility for all various Operating Systems and Windows features. This program also installs Windows God Mode. Please note that Ultimate Settings Panel no longer comes as an MSI installer package.


To download, simply scroll down towards the bottom of this page and you will see the options for this download. Ensure you select the correct one and click the Download button as detailed below.

Files Included

We have now included a portable version where you can run the UltimateSettingsPanel.exe file and also an MSI installer and an EXE installer.


This program requires Microsoft .Net 4.5.2 to work correctly. You can download this directly from Microsoft by clicking here.


For full instructions on how to use the Ultimate Settings Panel utility, click here.


Ultimate Settings Panel Outlook
Ultimate Settings Panel Outlook

Ultimate Settings Panel Windows 10
Ultimate Settings Panel Windows 10

Ultimate Settings Panel Outlook
Ultimate Settings Panel Outlook

Ultimate Settings Panel Control Panel
Ultimate Settings Panel Control Panel

Ultimate Settings Panel Command Prompts
Ultimate Settings Panel Command Prompts


Ultimate Settings Panel is now available as source code on GitHub. Go ahead and contribute to the future of this utility.


This utility is free to use for both personal and commercial use.


You are free to distribute this utility in it’s original form. No amendments or installation wrapping with PuP is permitted.

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Last Updated7 January 2022
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  • Avatar of Jason


    this seems to be a really great tool, especially for free. any chance there is a portable version? my techs would benefit for having this on a portable drive when they visit customers with problems.

    • Avatar of A.J. Armstrong

      A.J. Armstrong

      For Ultimate Settings Panel or MSI Downloader? For Ultimate Settings Panel, there should be a portable folder when you unzip it – you can run the EXE file within the folder and run it anywhere like a USB stick etc…

      If MSI Downloader – I’m working on it! Hopefully even this weekend.

    • Avatar of A.J. Armstrong

      A.J. Armstrong

      Hi – we are still having problems with our direct downloads, but I’ve added a button link to the USP utility on our SourceForge site so that you can go ahead and download it from that link.

  • Avatar of Ben Armine

    Ben Armine

    Not sure what the problem is. Using the download icon returned a clean download. Must be an artifact on the user’s local machine, such as re-directing the url call to a fake address, as previously experienced with PAINT.NET

  • Avatar of Robert Hosue

    Robert Hosue

    tghadmin please don’t act so ignorant and innocent, you know exactly what the issue is. It’s confusing to find the actual download button without going to bait pages. Nobody wants to download all the crapware you have on here. IT’S TOO MUCH! and there is no actual download for the programs. You need to apologize to people for leading them on and wasting peoples time.

    • Avatar of tghadmin


      Ok, first of all, I honestly have no idea what you talking about. The download button is the cloud icon with a down arrow in it – pretty simple really – click that and you get the full clean download of the software – so whats the problem? We even took the time to write a guide on how to download from our site including nice little screenshots for people that cannot be bothered to look:


      How very dare you state that there is “no actual download for the progams” when we have spent so much time putting together the programs and guides on here – for free I might add – just because you cannot open your eyes and actually look properly?

      Crapware? – love to hear the explanation on that one too please? Not one piece of our software has any malware or PUP in it.

      So once you have figured out that there is a very clear download button and that it does work, we will look forward to an apology from you.

  • Avatar of bcurran3



    FYI-1: 5.7.1 executables display as build 5.7 and – but do show as May 2017

    FYI-2: x86 portable is showing (presumably false positive) as malware in BitDefender as Trojan.GenericKD.5001190 and I think possibly in Windows Defender as well.

  • Avatar of Bernie Bell

    Bernie Bell

    Great Product – However I am really really annoyed and disappointed at all the “tricks” you employ on this site to try and get me to download other stuff. This is old hat skulduggery and you should be long passed this by now!

  • Avatar of Jorge


    version 5.7.1 just won’t install.
    Error 1001: Application not found.
    version 5.6 installs/uninstalls just fine.

  • Avatar of Chris Clayton

    Chris Clayton

    I cannot find either Registry Editor or God Mode which I need. Cortana and Windows Search are not working, or I would have tried there.

    Windows 10

    • Avatar of Alavof


      Not sure what you mean, but Regedit is under the Control Panel tab and God Mode is under the Windows 7 tab.

  • Avatar of Colin Bulman

    Colin Bulman

    What are the three buttons on the tricks tab supposed to do? I only get a command line window with a not recognised message each time. I have sent you a screenshot as well.

  • Avatar of Claud


    Going around and around in circles never getting to an actual download link. “Lite” version just returns “error 500” on administrator installation. And you’re gpoing to ask for a screenshot or whatever. Harrumph. I know there is no free lunch but I;ve had 20 odd years of this nonsense. MEH. WebUser this is rubbish.

    • Avatar of tghadmin


      Really not sure what your issue is but we tried to help and you do not seem to want us to help you by providing us with information as to what your issue actually is.

      Its pretty clear that you have trouble with downloading from our website when its very clear to the 100,000’s of other people that have successfully downloaded from us.

      Just to prove to you that the download is there and very easy to get, I suggest that you read this article which explains it in clear terms on how to download our FREE (lets not forget that bit) software:


      We look forward to an apology.

  • Avatar of Glen Norris

    Glen Norris

    A very useful program only spoilt by download links not very clear. Also McAfee warns about web site. You could also try in your next version uninstalling previous version s

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