Broken Microsoft Update – KB4338818

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You may have installed Microsoft Update KB4338818 during Patch Tuesday and now your Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 is broken right? Maybe even some Windows 7 machines? Well guess what? You are not the only one! Yes, Microsoft have done it yet again, released a dirty update that this time hits your Microsoft Windows Server … Read more

KB4284826 & KB4284867 Might Break Windows 7 Machines

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Microsoft are really outdoing themselves at the moment as it seems that they have released another pair of updates for Windows 7 machines that reboots the computer when connecting to a wireless or VPN connection. We have had around 40 machines with these two updates that have seen this problem. We have had to remove … Read more

KB4093118 & KB4093108 – Another Faulty Windows Update Released by Microsoft

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Microsoft have yet again released another Windows Update which has caused corruption and crashing on Windows computers. We have particularly hit with issues on Windows 7 machines. Although there are reported issues with Server 2008 R2 as well. So, having spent a few hours searching for todays culprit, we found that the update causing the … Read more

WSUS – Cleanup using Powershell with email notification output


lntroduction If you are using WSUS in your environment, you may want to run a scheduled task to cleanup old updates and compress some of the larger updates to free up space on your server. A good way of doing this is to run a Powershell script which will take care of all your cleanup … Read more

WSUS – Windows 10 Feature Upgrades Fail Fix


If you are using WSUS in your environment and you find that your Windows 10 clients are failing to download or install any Feature Upgrades (to 1607 or any CU updates) then you can give this fix a try. You should first ensure that you have not approved any of these upgrades before installing the … Read more

WSUS Installation Errors on Microsoft Server 2012

Windows Server 2012

We have recently been installing WSUS on a rebuilt Microsoft Server 2012 and found that although the role would install without any issue, when we tried to run the configuration wizard we were getting an error and in the log file it stated: “Config file did not contain a value “ContentDirectory”” So, first of all, … Read more

System Center Updates Publisher Signing Certificate Step-by-Step Guide

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If you are using WSUS in your environment then you should consider also using System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP) to inject 3rd party updates. You can use SCUP to inject any updates by creating them but also built into the utility are updates for Adobe, HP and Dell. This is great for pushing out updates … Read more