Windows 10 1903 RSAT Installation


The Windows 1903 upgrade has now been released however, yet again, RSAT has not been included in the upgrade. So it comes as a bit of a shock when you update your Windows version to the latest and then do not have Group Policy, DNS and Active Directory Users and Computers available. For some reason, … Read more

How to Manually Update to Windows 1903

Microsoft Windows 10 Methods for upgrade to Windows 1903

If you are looking to update your Windows 10 to the latest version of 1903, you would normally just head into Settings > Update and Security and then check for Windows Updates. You should then be presented with any Windows Updates that your machine requires and allow them to install. Once complete, reboot your machine … Read more

Windows 10 Language Packs

windows language pack

We manage a number of businesses across the world and we very often have to ensure that end-users in different countries have their required Windows languages available to them. We do this in two ways, one is that when Windows devices get built for a user in, let’s say France, the System Center Configuration Manager … Read more

Assassin’s Creed Unity – Free on PC

Assassins Creed Unity Notre Dame SideView

UBISOFT has released Assassin’s Creed Unity for free after the fire that devastated Paris’ Notre Dame cathedral. Assassin’s Creed Unity is set in Paris at the time of the French Revolution, and it features an “extraordinary recreation” of the cathedral that took almost two years to build. The French game maker stated that they are … Read more

Enable NTVDM


We were recently asked to enable NTVDM on a number of Windows devices in our corporate environment for our firmware engineers. Due to the amount of devices that we needed to get this enabled on, we wanted to be able to push it out through either Group Policy or System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). So … Read more

Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter


I have been using a physical computer for some time to run some automated programs that I use. However, that physical computer is now not in good shape and needs to be replaced. The problem is though, I have years of customised scripts, sequences and environment variables that I obviously do not want to lose and … Read more

Organization security policies block unauthenticated access [2019 Updated]

Organization security policies block unauthenticated access

Introduction Are you trying to access a network share using unauthenticated user credentials? – in simple terms, are you trying to access a network share without using a username and password? If you are, you may run into a problem as Windows 10 does not like you doing this! Assuming that you are trying to … Read more

Group Policy Admin Templates Catalog

Group Policy Administrative Templates Catalog

Group Policy is an awesome tool for IT Departments to ensure that their end user computers have the correct enforcement settings on them. It also ensures that company policies are met while also helping to keep security measures in place. The wide range of policies available to IT Departments via Group Policy, means that computers … Read more

KB4457139 – Windows Server 2008 NIC Issues

Microsoft Blue Logo

We have over the last week or so had problems with Windows Server 2008 servers where, although they seem to be connecting through the network without any problems, like filestores, the servers could not be remoted onto and when running an ipconfig would return no data. You can see the number of Microsoft Updates that … Read more

KB4457144 – Windows 7 Rollup May Cause NIC Issues


Windows 7 seems to have been suffering a lot recently with Microsoft releasing updates on an almost weekly basis that breaks something within the still popular Operating System. You can see the number of Microsoft Updates that have been problematic for Windows 7 users that have been released over the last few months by looking … Read more

Windows 10 God Mode – Easy Setup and Deploy

Windows 10 God Mode Setup and Deploy

God Mode for Windows is nothing new but have you got Windows 10 God Mode setup and do you want to deploy to end users? As you may have seen some time ago in this post, God Mode could be setup and used in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to give you a huge amount … Read more

Broken Microsoft Update – KB4338818

microsoft black logo

You may have installed Microsoft Update KB4338818 during Patch Tuesday and now your Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 is broken right? Maybe even some Windows 7 machines? Well guess what? You are not the only one! Yes, Microsoft have done it yet again, released a dirty update that this time hits your Microsoft Windows Server … Read more

KB4284826 & KB4284867 Might Break Windows 7 Machines

Microsoft Blue Logo

Microsoft are really outdoing themselves at the moment as it seems that they have released another pair of updates for Windows 7 machines that reboots the computer when connecting to a wireless or VPN connection. We have had around 40 machines with these two updates that have seen this problem. We have had to remove … Read more

Windows Server – Internet Security Blocking Downloads


If you are an IT administrator then the chances are that you have come across issues with trying to download files directly from a website to your server. You would have received this security alert when trying to download: Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded. Although this is a … Read more

CredSSP Error Breaks Remote Desktop Connections

microsoft black logo

You may have come across a problem when trying to connect remotely to a server using remote desktop connection. If you are receiving a CredSSP error like the one below: Then the chances are you have this update: CVE-2018-0886 – which seems to be from March 2018 but we have only just started to see … Read more

Microsoft Updates – More Faulty Updates – KB4103712

Microsoft Blue Logo

After our recent posts about Microsoft releasing faulty updates and breaking user computers, we have now found yet another Microsoft Update which has been causing a problem with machines rebooting themselves quite randomly and completely losing network connections. Again we have done a load of testing and Googling and found the update to be KB4103712. Problem … Read more

New Tuesday New Broken Microsoft Updates – KB4103713 & KB4130978

microsoft black logo

So it looks like Microsoft have done it yet again! Yes more updates have been causing us problems and we have had to go through a number of user machines uninstalling two more updates to fix broken computers. It is quite unbelievable that Microsoft continue to release updates that break our user machines! This seems … Read more

Windows Server 2016 – Disable Server Manager on Startup

Techy geeks home

I don’t know about you, but Server Manager loading up every time I login to a Windows Server 2016 machine drives me nuts! This is especially annoying when using my lab as most of the hardware is just old bits of kit that is not being used in production any longer. In older versions of … Read more

New Tuesday New Broken Microsoft Updates – KB4103718 & KB4103727

Microsoft Blue Logo

Yet again it looks as though Microsoft have pushed out their updates without testing them fully first! More problems have been reported after this round of Tuesdays updates which is now becoming a very regular occurrence. Again, after much Googling and removing updates one by one, we finally came to the conclusion that two more … Read more