How to Differentiate between Regular and Reverse Phone Directories?


Everyone has access to a telephone in today’s times. Phone directories are a culture that have been retained and maintained from the past to know someone’s number. Mostly, people offer their landline numbers for the Directories. As times have become more digital, directories have become digital too. Thus, virtual phone directories have become immensely popular … Read more

Shoretel Batch WAV Converter v3.0 Released

Shoretel Orange and Black Logo

We are pleased to announce the release of the Shoretel Batch WAV Converter v3.0. There have been some improvements to make it more user-friendly and to have a much better folder structure. Windows 10 This new version 3.0 will now also work with Windows 10 and includes all the updated sox.exe files required for the … Read more

Here Are Relevant Applications of Teleconferencing in Today’s World

teleconference meeting room with table and chairs

With physical presence not a barrier to communication, the world is getting smaller by the day. Thanks to existing and emerging technologies, you can speak with someone in a formal or informal setting whenever it’s convenient for you both. Teleconferencing works that way, providing real-time, dynamic, or interactive exchange of ideas and information. The term … Read more

The Top 5 Best Business Phones of 2018 Ranked

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When you’re conducting business each day, the phone that you use will influence how well you’re able to communicate with your clients and partners. The product will also affect your productivity and how much you get done. If you’re looking to take advantage of the latest tech features and tools, here are our top 5 best business phones as of 2018.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a high level of performance and an advanced camera that makes it stand out amongst its rivals. It’s a productivity-focused device that features a large display and body without appearing clunky. Some of the drawbacks of the phone are its weak speaker and high price tag.

iPhone XR

The iPhone XR fresh on the market has easily become the best choice for upgrading. Even though it is touted as Apple’s lowest model in the newest lineup, it fairs the best even compared to heavy hitters like the iPhone XS Max. Compared to the other iPhone X models, the XR has 25% more battery life, which is a must for many users. The iPhone XR lacks some features the XS has, but the differences that a couple hundred dollars give you aren’t worth it for the majority of users.

BlackBerry Classic

The Top 5 Best Business Phones of 2018 Ranked 1

Image source: The Wall Street Journal

If you’re feeling nostalgic for your original BlackBerry device, the BlackBerry Classic is an excellent choice for your business needs due to its messaging capabilities and the original QWERTY keyboard integrated into the base of the phone. Those who don’t like the bulky size or small screen may want to select another option for their smartphone. But for those who want a no-nonsense phone that will assist them in all of their work, this phone shines.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Known as one of the smartest phones available, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has a premium build and one of the best low-light cameras on the market. It’s full of useful features and has received glowing reviews across the board. For some people, the battery may become problematic because it doesn’t last as long as some of the other devices.

BlackBerry Priv

The BlackBerry Priv offers an excellent display that has a high level of visibility. It also comes with impressive security features to protect your information and data which is essential for anyone doing a significant amount of business through their phone. Some people may be turned off by the high price tag of the device, as well as the cheaper materials comprising the product.

It’s important to do your research when choosing a smartphone that can help you to remain productive throughout the day, whether you’re responding to emails or are making phone calls. By knowing the top business phones that are available, you can select one that will offer convenience and is versatile to ensure it meets all of your needs.

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8 Reasons to Offer a Callback Service in Your Contact Center

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Customers don’t like waiting on hold. In fact, 60 percent of people say even one minute is too long. Short of over-staffing, which no customer service organization wants to do in the interest of cost management, what alternatives are there? Callbacks are a great option for reducing wait times because they help deliver better customer experiences … Read more

Shoretel Communicator Download Client and MSI Installer


To get the Shoretel Communicator download for the client software you can easily retrieve it from your Shoretel HQ server and you then have the ability to use the installer in various different installation methods.

EXE Format

You should go to the following URL in an internet browser on a machine that is connected to the same network as your Shoretel HQ server:


You will then be greeted with a page like this:

Shoretel Communicator Download

This will give you the download link and also the version of the client software. Click the link and this will start the download.

Direct Local Download

If you want a direct download link for the EXE installer, you can use this:


MSI Installer

If you require the MSI installer for deployment, then you can extract this from the setup.exe file you have downloaded from your HQ server.

We have produced a quick walk through video on this process, but below that is a more detailed written set of instructions including screenshots and commands required.

Video Walk Through

Extraction Instructions

To extract the MSI installer from the EXE installer that you have downloaded from your Shoretel HQ server, just follow these simple steps.

Copy the EXE installer into a folder locally on your machine, for the purposes of this guide, we will be using C:\TGH\ as our base folder:

Shoretel Communicator EXE Installer

Now open up a command prompt and navigate to your base folder. Then enter the following command:

setup.exe /a
Shoretel Communication setup extraction command

Hit the Enter key on your keyboard to start the extraction process. This will then go through the Shoretel Communicator Client installation wizard:

Shoretel Communication Client Setup Wizard

Click the Next button and you will then be asked to provide an extraction location. For the purposes of this guide, will we use the following location from our base folder:

Shoretel Communication Client Extraction Location

The go ahead and click the Install button to start the process. Once the wizard has completed, you will now notice that in the C:\TGH\MSI folder, you have the files required and the MSI installer in the root:

Shoretel Communication Base Folder

MSI Installer

Shoretel Communicator Download MSI Installer

You can then go ahead and use this MSI installer with systems like Configuration Manager, WDS or push out easily through Group Policy.


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The History of the Mobile Phone


Today mobile phones are a necessity for many people. Whether it be for work, or for keeping in touch with family in friends, many of us admit to being ‘lost’ without our mobiles, which often replace everything from our birthday calendars to our personal-organisers. Although mobiles have been integrated into our daily way of life, … Read more

Reset a ShoreTel phone handset to factory settings

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You may run in to a situation where you need to completely factory reset a Shoretel phone handset. This can be due to a handset being unresponsive or not talking to its headquarter server or local MGC, amongst other reasons like selling your handset!

To carry out a full factory reset you should take the following steps:

  • Press the MUTE button and then enter 772667# on the phone keypad
  • You need to then enter the default password of 1234#
  • The handset should now reset itself and display “Factory Test KPD Mode” on the screen
  • Enter 25327# on phone keypad to clear the handset settings
  • The handset will then display “Clearing Phone Data
  • The handset will then restart and display “Factory Test KPD Mode
  • You should then take out the power to the handset for 5-10 seconds, then plug the power back into it to fully power cycle the handset
  • If there is a firmware update to be applied, it will do it now; it not, it should then display “Available” on the handset.


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