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Top 5 Technology Trends in 2022

The Evolution of Technology Technology is considered to be the practical application of scientific knowledge. It comes from the Greek terms technē and logos. Where technē means art or craft and logos means word or speech. Over the years, technology’s evolution has become inevitable. And it keeps on evolving, no matter what crisis our world […]

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Top 15 DevOps Interview Questions

The market share for DevOps is projected to grow by $6.6 billion by 2022. This is an indicator of the growing interest in the DevOps approach to software development. Of the companies that were surveyed, 68% agreed to DevOps leading to better business performance and ROI, 47% significantly reduced time-to-market for software and services, and […]

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Volutz USB Cables Review

Introduction I’ve had an iPhone and iPad for years and like peoples smart devices – the batteries get worse with age which means that you have to charge them more often. Being in the car a lot I have always charged my iPhone in particular, in the car using the USB port. Also like most […]

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Why Print Advertising Provides New Audience Potential for Tech Companies

Tech-forward companies have been leading the way into the digital marketing revolution, but the print market is not dead yet. In fact, up to 82% respondents in a recent study by Marketing Sherpa said that they trusted print advertising in magazines and newspaper more than digital marketing when it comes to making purchasing decisions. When it comes […]