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iMacros AMF Facebook Like Script [2019 Updated]

iMacro AMF Facebook Like Script

Introduction If you use then you would probably like an up to date iMacro script to automate the gathering of free points. With more free points, the more you can use to get followers and likes on your own social media accounts. Having to manually click and click and click through endless boring pages … Read more

iMacros Twitter Unfollow Script [2019 Updated]

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Instagram Mass Unfollow Scripts

Transparent Instagram Logo

You can use these scripts with Google Chrome to mass unfollow accounts on Instagram. Download To download, simply scroll down towards the bottom of this page and you will see the options for this download. Ensure you select the correct one and click the blue Download button as detailed below: 1,995

Social Media Platforms for TechyGeeksHome

Social Media for TechyGeeksHome

We have recently been signing up for a large number of different social media sites. This is mostly so that we can try and keep up to date with all available platforms, that way we can add more helpful guides to our blog. But we thought that you may like to join us on some of these new social media sites too. By doing this, you can get our excellent guides, news and reviews directly to any platform that you prefer!

Our full list of social media accounts are below, just go ahead and click the link on the right to view our profile page and give us a follow!

SiteProfile URL
Apple News

As and when we join any other new social media platforms, we will update this list.

From StumbleUpon to Mix

Mix Logo

You may have seen our post last week about the final closure of the popular StumbleUpon site. Well, there is a replacement site called Mix. You can even sign up using your StumbleUpon account details to import all of your stuff into Mix.

So, we have gone ahead and signed up for Mix and are just getting to grips with it. It similar to StumbleUpon but you cannot seem to change or select what image you want to have as your featured thumbnail for the things that you submit to the site. We contacted their support team about this and they have stated although it is not currently available, it will be soon.

All we have really been able to do with Mix is post a few of our posts from our blog, but we are looking forward to any new features that they will bring into the platform in the future. 

You can check out our new profile on Mix by clicking the button below:

Come Visit Us at Mix

Give us a follow and see what you think of Mix and how it compares to the old StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon has officially shut down

StumbleUpon Logo

A short while ago, it was announced that StumbleUpon would be shutting down. Well, the day has come and StumbleUpon is officially no more – well, sort of.

Although StumbleUpon is officially closed, there is now the alternative called Mix which you can give a try. We will be updating our own social links to remove StumbleUpon and we will give Mix a try and see what that is like for while. If Mix is any good, we will update our social links to include Mix.

We – as many others would have done, received the final email from the guys at StumbleUpon, which reads:

Thank you for being part of internet history.

Wow, after 16 years, the day has come. Today is the last day that exists online, and as we head into this moment, we want to look back and thank you for making StumbleUpon an internet legend.

Before posts and tweets, before snaps and pins, StumbleUpon was there providing endless internet entertainment with just the push of a button. Because of users like you, we served up nearly 60 billion stumbles to over 40 million Stumblers, and infinite hours of “woah, cool” moments. StumbleUpon was more than just a button. People connected, made friends, found career inspiration, and even fell in love!

“I met some of my dearest friends on SU. People who I went on to meet in real life. people all around the world. more than just an Internet site. Much much more.”
— CH, stumbled 16 years

This isn’t “goodbye”; it’s more of a “see ya on the other side”. Recently, we’ve shifted our focus to build a new discovery platform with the lessons we learned from StumbleUpon.

Meet Mix! On Mix, you’ll be able to build shareable collections of your favorite finds across the internet: articles, videos, podcasts, and more. As you curate the web, your saves will turn into meaningful recommendations for others in Mix. We hope to make discovery a collective endeavor, helping each other find gems from the depths of the web that we wouldn’t have come across on our own. And you’ll be in good company with your fellow Stumblers that have already given Mix a try — see Tom and Art. Feeling nostalgic? Take a journey back in time with StumbleUpon Time Machine on Mix.

If you haven’t yet, we’re excited for you to try out Mix! Hope to see you on the other side.

♥ The StumbleUpon Team

We are now on Reddit


We are pleased to announce that we are now on Reddit and have our own subreddit for you to subscribe to.

With Reddit being known as the front page of the internet, we thought it was only right that we get ourselves setup and active on it.

All our latest posts will automatically added to our subreddit and we will try to engage with our subscribers as much as we can.

If you have any technical questions or require assistance with any issue you may have, why not submit a new post to our subreddit and as well as ourselves, other Reddit uses will also be able to help you out!

View our Subreddit

You can view our own subreddit by clicking the button below:

TechyGeeksHome Subreddit

We look forward to interacting with you on our subreddit!


5 Elements of an Effective Business Website

cybersecurity, keyboard, computer security, fingerprint

Business owners who need a website can find the web design process challenging to grasp. But this article can help small business owners figure out the essential elements that their website needs to become competitive in their space. These critical features can ensure that your potential customers have a good experience on your company’s website. … Read more

How to Delete your Tumblr Blog or Account


Tumblr is a blogging and social networking site founded by David Karp way back in 2007, and it’s currently owned by Oat Inc. The service provides its users with the option to post multimedia and other content to their own personal blog. Users can follow other users’ blogs, comment and interact with them. Bloggers can also make their blogs private and manage their own diary. For people who use Tumblr blogs, many of the website’s features are accessed from a “dashboard” interface.

How to Delete your Tumblr Blog or Account 4

However, users sometimes want to remove their blogs or accounts completely from the site for a variety of different reasons. For examples, if you have posted sensitive content under you own name, you would want this to disappear if a Google search of your name reveals this content. Additionally people who don’t want their privacy to be invaded might want to delete these accounts. Also, the mails or notification they receive can become annoying, especially if they have seized to use it. Follow the instructions below in order to delete your Tumblr account.

Solution 1: Deleting a Single Blog Without Deleting the Account

Since Tumblr offers its users a chance to own more than one blog on their personal account, you may simply want to delete a single blog without affecting the other ones tied to your account. Reasons for this may be numerous and this process is pretty simple and straight-forward.

Open the browser you are usually using to access Tumblr and go to their homepage. Log in with your credentials if you are asked to do so and navigate to your Dashboard.

How to Delete your Tumblr Blog or Account 5

Click on the title of the blog you want to delete which is usually located the the top of the Dashboard page, right next to the Tumblr logo. If you, for some unknown reason, can’t see your blog title where it should appear, click on the “My Blogs” button, which looks like a bulleted list, and select it by clicking on its name from the list which should appear.

How to Delete your Tumblr Blog or Account 6

Click on the “Members” button located at the sidebar at the right side of the page and click the “Leave this blog” button next to your respective username.

Click “OK” when a box appears to warn you that leaving this blog will permanently delete it from the Tumblr servers.

This process is limited to your desktop and mobile browsers but you are now able to do the same using your smartphone app. Follow the steps below in order to do so on your smartphone.

iOS users

Click on the account icon (looks like a person) and select your blog’s name in the upper left corner. Swipe left on the blog you would like to delete or leave and choose “Delete” or “Leave” option.

Android users

Click on the account icon (looks like a person), select your blog’s name in the upper left corner. After that, click on the gear icon, then choose “Delete this Tumblr” or “Leave the group.”

How to Delete your Tumblr Blog or Account 7


Publicly visible text/images often aren’t properly deleted even after you have succeeded in deleting your account. Try editing or deleting these media files manually before deleting the account itself. If you’re not sure just what happens to your tracks, you will be able to find these information in the Terms of Service/Privacy Policy.

If you have failed to locate the info there, you can always contact Tumblr via a mail and ask them. By the way, deletion requests don’t necessarily mean your data will actually be deleted.

Additionally, if you were the only member of the blog, choosing the “Delete blog” option will remove it from Tumblr for good and release its URL for other bloggers to use. If there’s at least one member of the blog which remains, you can’t delete it yourself, but choosing the “Leave blog” will remove you as the member from it. If you were the only Administrator on this blog, another member will be automatically promoted to this position.

Solution 2: Deleting Your Entire Account

If you wish to remove your entire Tumblr account including all of the blogs you created and your username, you can do so easily. However, there are some things you should stay aware of if you wish to delete your account for good. Here are some of them:

  • Your primary blog will be removed instantly. If TFA has been enabled for your account, you will have to input the code.
  • The secondary blogs that you are the only member of will be deleted and others users will take it over. You will also be removed from any group blogs you were a member of at the time.
  • Your blog URL will be available for others users immediately, and can be used by anyone who’s looking to open a new blog.
  • You can create a new Tumblr account using the same email address you used for your last account.

Let’s take a look at the whole process:

Open the browser you are usually using to access Tumblr and go to their homepage. Log in with your credentials if you are asked to do so and navigate to your Dashboard.

How to Delete your Tumblr Blog or Account 8

Click the Account icon which should be located in the top-right corner of the browser window.

Select the Settings option on the Account drop-down menu in order to open the settings related to your respective account

How to Delete your Tumblr Blog or Account 9

Scroll down to the far bottom of the Settings windows and choose the Delete Account option in order to delete your Tumblr account for good.

Follow the prompts on screen and choose Yes if you are prompted with the pop-up window asking if you are sure you want to delete your account.