Security Issues Will Underpin Choice of the Best Bitcoin Exchange in 2019


No financial product has had such a dream run as Bitcoin, the marvel digital currency that has taken the financial world by storm. Bitcoin had a dream run in 2017. However, 2018 turned out to be an anaemic year for the avant-garde currency. Bitcoin’s market cap fell below $100 billion in November 2018, and its … Read more

How to Setup your Website with a free SSL Certificate

Redirect your website from HTTP to HTTPS

Security is a must these days and if you have spent as much time as I have on your blog, then you want to ensure that it is safe for your visitors to come to you and submit information, safe in the knowledge that it is protected and secure. Also as a blogger, traffic is … Read more

Organization security policies block unauthenticated access [2019 Updated]

Organization security policies block unauthenticated access

Introduction Are you trying to access a network share using unauthenticated user credentials? – in simple terms, are you trying to access a network share without using a username and password? If you are, you may run into a problem as Windows 10 does not like you doing this! Assuming that you are trying to … Read more

Protect Your Digital Life with Free Backup Software AOMEI Backupper Standard

Protect Your Digital Life with Free Backup Software AOMEI Backupper Standard

Have you ever suffered from the hard drive failures, system crashes and invaded viruses in your daily and working life? It must be disagreeable if you deleted your Windows folders by accident, lost the important data due to the hard drive failures and the Windows operating system was unable to boot when your system crashed. … Read more

How to Download and Retrieve Deleted Photos from iCloud selectively


The other day, my best friend screams on the phone asking how to recover deleted photos from iPhone? Well! She had no clue, that she deleted a photo containing important information and needed it urgently. By the time she discovered that the photo is lost and she doesn’t have a backup/copy, she was going crazy … Read more

Are Microsoft using your computer as a Windows Update distribution point?

microsoft black logo

Since the upgrade to Windows 10, you may not be aware but your computer may be being used by Microsoft to help distribute Windows Updates. There is a setting within Windows 10 which allows your machine to send updates to other Windows 10 computers on your local network and even on the Internet! What? How … Read more

Dropbox Phishing Email


You may have received an email recently that looks like it has been sent to you from Dropbox about a PDF file that “your contact” has shared with you. The body of the email will look something like this: This is a phishing email and the real sending is trying to get your Dropbox login … Read more