Microsoft Update causing Print Spooler Problems – CVE-2019-1367

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Microsoft released an emergency update last week under CVE-2019-1367 which claimed to fix an Internet Explorer exploit. If you are now reading this post, I’m assuming that you have already noticed that having installed these set of updates, you now have print spooler problems?! CVE-2019-1367 v1.0 As most businesses probably have, we urgently rushed out … Read more

Best free VPN browser extensions you need to know

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Introduction With VPNs being as important as they are, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to your variety of choices. There are VPNs for phones, laptops, and even as in-browser extensions. Browser extensions enhance your online experience by adding on something new or previously lacking directly to the websites you visit. You can … Read more

Learn how to use online banking apps created and developed by the Bank of America, Citibank, Chase and TD Bank

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Online banking apps are becoming more and more popular as it is a great opportunity for a client to control their finances, to check their bank accounts, as well as to make transactions online instead of visiting the actual bank. Having such apps on one’s mobile device is useful both for college students and to … Read more

Best Smart Home Technology in 2019

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Staying on the cutting edge of technology is something most people are passionate about. Over the past few years, smart home gadgets have become extremely popular. In fact, experts predict that nearly 500 billion smart home devices will be sold and shipped this year. If you are in the process of making your home more … Read more

Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover lost files on SD card

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We use our mobile phones to call and message people. To Google any kind of question we have; to communicate and connect socially, and most importantly to store any kind of data we find important. We save important dates, our schedules, our documents and mainly our memories, all our pictures. These pictures are either stored … Read more

How to Backup Messages/Photos/Contacts on iPhone in 3 Ways?

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Summary: Are you looking for an effective way to backup iPhone data? If so, then go through this quick post and get to know about an effortless tool that can help you to backup messages/photos/contacts on iPhone in three ways. Part 1: Introduction: There is no doubt that iPhone messages, photos, contacts, and other data … Read more

Learn How to Protect Your Device with IPVanish

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In the current era, it is extremely important to secure your data. It does not matter which device you’re using. Any data from any devices can be tracked or hacked. That’s why, nowadays, everybody knows what is the VPN. The VPN, in general, is a virtual private network. It is a private tunnel-connection between several … Read more

5 Best Data Recovery Software For Mac

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Long before now, Mac users wouldn’t attempt recovering a lost file on their own as there were relatively no options for that. Soon, people began to hear of professionals that specialized mainly in recovering deleted files from iOS devices. But they will have to pay through their nose to get this done for them. Today, … Read more

Security Issues Will Underpin Choice of the Best Bitcoin Exchange in 2019


No financial product has had such a dream run as Bitcoin, the marvel digital currency that has taken the financial world by storm. Bitcoin had a dream run in 2017. However, 2018 turned out to be an anaemic year for the avant-garde currency. Bitcoin’s market cap fell below $100 billion in November 2018, and its … Read more