How to Fix a Nutanix CVM Stuck in Maintenance Mode

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If you are using a Nutanix Hyperconvergence solution in your infrastructure environment, then you may have come across a problem where the Nutanix CVM gets stuck in Maintenance Mode. Fixing this issue is very simple, but you will need the following information before starting the fix: Prerequisites PuTTy or other SSH client Nutanix Cluster administrator … Read more

PuTTy Beta 0.67 Released


The ever popular SSH and Telnet utility PuTTy has received a beta update taking it up to beta 0.67. You can download the new version using the download button below: Download PuTTy The changes in this new version are: Security fix: a buffer overrun in the old-style SCP protocol when receiving the header of each … Read more

PuTTy Toolkit MSI Installer


We have now created a MSI installer for the full PuTTy range of utilities which will allow you to distribute using systems like Group Policy or Configuration Manager. Included in the PuTTy Toolkit are the following programs: Pageant.exe Plink.exe PSCP.exe PSFTP.exe PuTTy.exe PuTTygen.exe You can now download the PuTTy Toolkit MSI installer from our Downloads … Read more