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Thank you for taking the time to download and use our freeware. In addition to the freeware utilities that we provide, you can enhance some of these buy purchasing the Pro versions. This also helps with the running costs of this website and allows us to keep the site going in the future due to … Read more

Windows 7 Lock Screen Changer v1.2 Released


Please note that version 1.5 of Windows 7 Lock Screen Changer is now available using the link below: Windows 7 Lock Screen Changer version 1.5 We are pleased to announce the updated release of our popular utility – Windows 7 Lock Screen Changer. You can download the latest version by clicking the download button below: … Read more

Remove Windows XP End of Life Messages Utility


On April 8th 2014, Microsoft ended all support for Windows XP. They then released a number of Windows Updates that displays annoying messages on your desktop telling you that your operating system is now at its end of life. This is the Windows message: The second is the Microsoft Security Essentials one: We have been … Read more



Welcome to our free downloads section. Below you find over 175 free downloads. Some are custom built utilities that we have created ourselves, including the popular Ultimate Settings Panel. Other utilities include a large selection of MSI installer files for programs like Adobe Flash Player and Java Client. You can simply browse through the available … Read more

Remote Computer Description Updater v1.4 Released

Remote Description Updater

We are pleased to announce the release of Remote Computer Description Updater (RCDU) version 1.4. This program can be used to update the computer description on either a local machine that the program is run on, or you can use it to remotely connect to any machine on a domain network using your domain administrator … Read more

ImgWater v1.3 Released – Free Image Watermarking Tool


We are pleased to announce the release of ImgWater v1.3 – our free image watermarking tool. This is an update product release and is designed to allow you to import an image, type your own text watermark and then save the image with your watermark embedded onto it. As always, this is a freeware utility … Read more