5 Benefits Of Compressing PDFs – Compress PDFs Online FREE

compressing PDFs

People have found massive use for the different online tools and software for compressing PDFs. They’ve long said goodbye to the frustrating, lengthy waiting time in receiving emails. Even sharing documents is much more manageable, given how everything is literally at your fingertips. Though it’s certainly much faster than before, there can be moments where … Read more

How Versatile Is PDFBear When Dealing With PDF Files?


It is critical and essential to change individual PDF files to satisfy the specifications of a given document. Working adults and practically all students employ file transformation to complete a project or a specific task. However, converting PDF files can be confusing and difficult, especially if you don’t have the correct tool. Good thing, PDFBear … Read more

PDFBear: A Great Tool To Delete Pages From PDF


Since it is effective and easy, digital file-sharing has become a popular practice among many people. People no longer need to print their documents because almost everything can now be done digitally and most conveniently. Managing a large number of PDF documents, on the other hand, can be difficult for some, especially if they lack … Read more

FoxIt Reader MSI Installer

Foxit Reader

We have now uploaded the MSI installers for the latest FoxIt Reader version 9.0.1. Download To download, simply click on the cloud icon to the right side of the Download Link text are shown below: Instructions For full instructions on how to use MSI installers to distribute to multiple computers, please see our MSI Installer Guide. 480

CutePDF Writer and GPL Ghostscript install using the SCCM Software Catalog


CutePDF is an excellent piece of software that allows you to create PDF’s from almost any application. It is also free to use for personal, commercial, education and government use which is always a good start! I tend to install this software on any machine that I build be it for personal use or for … Read more