Windows and Office Activation Proxy Whitelist Websites

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We recently came across an issue where our Configuration Manager Operating System Deployments (OSD) were failing at the activating Windows step. Having spent far too much time looking into why it was doing this, we eventually found out that it was our proxy servers that were blocking access it the Microsoft activation servers.

SCCM OSD – “A required device isn’t connected or cannot be accessed”

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We today ran into an issue where our SCCM OSD PXE boot was not working. It was coming up with a very confusing message stating: “A required device isn’t connected or cannot be accessed” This led us to start looking at the hard drive and the drivers, however, the solution was completely different. The problem … Read more

Restart SCCM OSD Task Sequence within Windows PE

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If you want to restart SCCM OSD Task Sequence from within Windows PE without having to reboot the machine and start the PXE boot sequence again, you can quickly press F8 to bring up a command prompt and enter the following command: x:\sms\bin\i386\TsmBootstrap.exe /env:WinPE /configpath:x:\smsdata This will then restart the task sequence process for you … Read more

Configuration Manager 2012 – How to Capture Task Sequence Error Logs to a Network Share

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We have recently been doing some big OSD projects and with testing for such big projects comes the point where some of your testing will fail, so to find out why a test sequence fails, the first thing you should look at is your log files. However, ConfigMgr makes this an annoying process as the … Read more

Change OSD Task Sequence Error Message Timeout Setting for Configuration Manager

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You may have noticed that if you get an error when deploying an image using OSD in Configuration Manager the machine will display that error for 15 minutes and then reboot the machine. If you are running an image at lunch break or even overnight, this is obviously not even time to get the log … Read more

DP PXEBoot Speed Up Tool Released for Configuration Manager

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We are pleased to announce the release of our new small tool for Configuration Manager – DP PXEBoot Speed Up. This is a very simple and basic tool that allows you to make changes to your Configuration Manager Distribution Points registry settings to speed up the PXE booting process. For a long time now you … Read more

ConfigMgr OSD Boot Image Problems with Dell Machines


With the recent release of Dell’s new laptop ranges, Configuration Manager OSD professionals face new challenges. We recently had issues with some of Dell’s new laptops not picking up the network after PXE boot even though we had gone through the normal process of adding the network card drivers to the boot image and ensuring … Read more

Updating a WIM Image File using Offline Updates


If you have custom build images that you are using in your SCCM OSD environment, you may find that keeping them up to date is a real problem. However, there is a way of running Windows Updates against your custom WIM files offline and then simply redistributing your WIM file. Below is a guide on how to carry this … Read more