Windows 10 Features You Might Have Missed

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Right now, when the whole world fits right in your pocket, there is nothing that one device is incapable of doing. But in IT industries or in any other profession there are certain devices assigned for one particular work. There are PCs designed for gaming, designing, business work, etc. Till now, there was no one … Read more

Microsoft Teams MSI Installers

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In most business environments, you will find that Microsoft Teams is used a lot. Especially as Microsoft seem to be starting the push from Skype to Teams. But, this means that if you are looking at a large deployment, you want to try and make the process as quick and easy as possible. For those … Read more

Microsoft Excel – Columns Displaying Numbers instead of Letters


We have recently dealt with a problem that a customer had reported to us about their Excel spreadsheet columns suddenly appearing as numbers instead of the expected letters. We doubted this very much as none of us had heard of it before, but no, there is was, columns as numbers just like this: This was … Read more

Fix Office 2010 and Office 2013 Products Compatibility & Mimecast Default Exchange Account Error


If you are trying to use Office 2010 and Office 2013 products like Visio or Project and you have Mimecast for Outlook Client, you may find that you get an error like: “Default account is not an exchange account” The process below should fix this for you. Under the following registry key you’ll find a … Read more