Adobe Reader MSI All Versions Download

Adobe Reader DC version 2001

There is an area on the Adobe website where you can download all versions of all updates in MSI format for Adobe Reader.

This means that you can take these MSI’s and create any version of supersedence using the guide below:

Supersede Guide

The link to the FTP website of Adobe is below:

Adobe Reader FTP Website

If you have any questions or need any help on supersedence, just leave a comment.

Free Anti-Virus Software

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One of the perils of working in IT is that I am constantly asked by friends and family the age old question;

What is the best free anti-virus software?

Well, there’s plenty of free anti-virus software out there and there is not really an answer to this question – there is no “best” anti-virus software, only personal opinion!

Myself, at home (and recommendations to said friends and family!) I use Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) being the Microsoft slave that I am, but a lot of my colleagues go for AVG, but there’s also Avira and Avast! that will supply you with free AV protection.

To help those out in the hunt for free anti-virus protection, I’ll list below some links to the freebie AV sites, I’ll even pop in some free Mac anti-virus protection sites!


Microsoft Security Essentials – My personal recommendation

Avast – Be careful of them trying to get you to actually buy their full product!

Avira – Never used it so I can’t really give an opinion on this one!

AVG – Age old free anti-virus, one of the first to supply free AV to the masses


Sophos Anti-Virus Home for Mac


So, hopefully, this answers the question of free anti-virus software, or at least what your options are and where you can get it from, the choice is yours!

Batch Convert WAV files into Shoretel Correct Format

Shoretel Orange and Black Logo

If you need to batch convert any files into the correct Shoretel format to use for prompts, messages or ringtones, there is a simple way of doing this without having to mess around with Audacity.

If you click the link below and download the zip file, you can use this tool to instantly convert the files into the correct Shoretel format:

Download Shoretel WAV Converter

Once you have the zip file, extract it to any location. You then need to copy your file into the “originals” directory. Then, double click the “run.bat” batch file.

This will then convert all the files into the correct Shoretel format and output them into the ShoreTel-Ready folder. You can then copy these files and use them in your Shoretel system.

Java 7 Update 9 MSI File

Java MSI

If you want to use an MSI to install Java for either Group Policy or for SCCM Software Catalog, you can get the MSI file you need easily from the temp location when you run the EXE file.

So, first of all, you need to get the latest EXE from Java, you can get this from here:

Download Latest Java Client

Once downloaded, you should then run the EXE as if you were going to install it.

You will be first greeted with the page below:

Java 7 Update 9 MSI File 1

You should then click “install”.

It will then download the files required as below:

Java 7 Update 9 MSI File 2

These files will be downloaded to the following location (assuming you are using Windows 7):


Once downloaded, you should get a screen like below – Do NOT go any further with the installation!

Java 7 Update 9 MSI File 3

You should then be able to go to the above temp location and see a folder called “jre1.7.0_09” (version numbers may change) like the folder below:

Java 7 Update 9 MSI File 4

Within this folder, you will find the MSI file that you need for distribution.

You can then cancel the java install but note, this will clear the temp files.


Update added 26th April 2015 – Please be aware that it seems that the MSI extraction does not always work with the newer versions of Java, so please see the guide below which shows you how to setup a silent install using the standard offline installer:

Java Silent Installation Guide


If you have any questions on this guide, please leave a comment below using our comments system and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

ConfigMgr 2012 – a new era!

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I’ve now been working on getting my ConfigMgr 2012 server up and running and it was actually really easy to do. All configured and working within a day without any major issues. Going to start doing some fancy things with it from here on in so if you have any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll look into it for you.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Silent & Unattended Install

Adobe Reader DC version 2001

To distribute Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.4.0 via SCCM, you need to first download the exe file, package it up in SCCM and then run the below command as your program: This is for version 9.4.0 but should work on all versions of Adobe Reader. But if you are using Adobe Reader X or XI now, … Read more

A Welcome

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Hello all and welcome to my new SCCM blog. I’ve been working with SCCM 2007 for just coming up to a year now and I’ve learnt from scratch with only Google for help!

I’ve done a few complete installs and setup all the standard parts of SCCM mainly using up to this point remote tools, software deployment, OSD (Windows 7 only so far..) and inventory. The next steps are to get Windows XP OSD working, look into Desired Management, Native Mode and Software Metering.

I’ll be blogging my findings as I go as I’ve found it very difficult to find a place to actually get any decent simple help although there is a lot of highly technical websites on SCCM out there. I’ll be addding as many unattended install configurations for software deployments as I can well as I have found these very difficult to come across.

Anyway, hope you find what I have to say helpful and feel free to comment or follow…..