SCCM – Setting Computer Name automatically during OSD Process [2020 Updated]

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We have been looking into getting our OSD process to automatically change the computer name to what we want it to be for a while now but never really had much luck with it. Reading various forums and blogs, many people have said to use WSNAME and many others saying use scripts, all of which … Read more

SCCM Task Sequence failed due to package associated to the task sequence cannot be found

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If you get an issue when trying to load a task sequence and you get the message that a package associated to the task sequence cannot be found, even when it looks like all packages are fully distributed, then you need to check out the SMSTSLog.log file that is on the machine that you are … Read more

Deploying and registering OCX files using ConfigMgr 2012

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I’ve been asked about deploying and registering OCX files, well this is how we do ours… Copy the INF and OCX files to a readily available location on the network. Also create two batch files (give the extension name of .cmd) with the following in each: Batch file 1 (File Copy): xcopy \LOCATION_OF_FILES*.* “c:\Windows\Downloaded Program … Read more

How to deploy certificates for custom WSUS updates to client machines

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As per previous posts on the blog for custom updates using WSUS, you have to make sure that your environment is set up correctly to allow these custom (local) updates to install on client machines. To make this work, you need to export your WSUS/SCUP self-signed certificate and make sure it is applied to all … Read more

AutoCAD & AutoDesk serial number reporting using SCCM 2012

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This step by step guide will show you how to setup your System Center 2012 Configuration Manager to report to you the Autodesk software that is installed on your clients machines but will also give you the serial numbers for the software and what software package is installed. (If you find the pictures hard to … Read more

SharePoint and Acrobat Reader X – opening embedded PDF Files

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In case you are using SharePoint 2010 and wondering why you are having problems opening PDF documents from it – it may be that you or a client has Adobe Acrobat Reader X installed. For some unknown reason (to me anyway…) if you have X installed, you cannot open embedded PDF documents from the web…. So, get … Read more