System Center

30 Useful SCCM SQL Queries

I’ve been creating a lot of collections with our SCCM recently, so I thought I would share the ones we thought were most useful: Show all computers in SCCM: Show all computers with a specific name: Show all computers with a specific operating system: Show all computers with a specific IP address: Show all installed […]


How to Full Screen Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular internet browser in the world and there are many features that you can use with it. Although I thought this was pretty straightforward, someone asked us recently how they could make Chrome full-screen for a presentation they were giving that morning. So we showed her and it turns out […]


Dell Driver Downloads

In this article, we will discuss Dell driver downloads, including what they are, why you need them, how to download them, and some tips to make the process smoother. What are Dell driver downloads? Dell driver downloads are software files that allow your computer to communicate with the hardware devices connected to it. Every device […]


Lenovo BIOS Update Return Codes [0-10]

I have recently been working on updating BIOS’s for a fleet of various Lenovo models and I started getting all sorts of different return codes from them. They were not standard SCCM codes so I had to lookup what these return codes were. Below is a table to show all the return codes you get […]


VMWare vSphere HA Failover Error

VMware vSphere HA (High Availability) is a feature that provides automated failover capabilities for virtual machines running on VMware vSphere hosts. When a host failure occurs, HA will detect it and restart the affected virtual machines on another available host in the cluster. If you are experiencing a failover error with VMware vSphere HA, there […]


Distribute Adobe Reader DC using SCCM

Adobe Reader DC is one of the most widely used PDF readers in the world, with over 500 million users worldwide. Adobe Reader DC is available for free and can be easily distributed across multiple computers using System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). SCCM is a powerful management tool that allows administrators to deploy and manage […]


Windows Installer Media

Windows Installer Media (also known as Windows Installation Media) is a tool provided by Microsoft that allows users to create a bootable installation media for Windows operating systems. It can be used to install or upgrade Windows on a computer or device, and can also be used to troubleshoot and repair issues with an existing […]


Export Powershell to CSV

To export PowerShell to CSV file, you can use the Export-Csv cmdlet. Here’s an example: This command gets a list of all running processes, selects the process name, ID, and CPU usage, and sorts the list by CPU usage in descending order. This command exports the data to a CSV file named “processes.csv” in the […]


MSI Installer Download Links

Having spent many years working with SCCM and looking for MSI installers to use for software deployment, I eventually wrote the MSI Downloader tool to help out others with getting hold of MSI installers. However, keeping the MSI versions up to date is a bit of a nightmare, and a lot of people, I know, […]


Skype MSI Installer Archive

We have over the last few months had a number of people asking us if we can provide MSI installers for older versions of Skype. The good news is that we do still have the old Skype MSI installers and we have kept them on one of our SourceForge projects sites for you to be […]