A Perfect Content Marketing Strategy: Step-By-Step Algorithm

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

Since creation and implementation of content marketing, creating a surefire content marketing strategy is often among the tasks of an Internet marketer, I have decided to structure my vision of the ideal algorithm to achieve such a goal, as well as to answer the most frequent questions that arise among marketers, entrepreneurs in its development, … Read more

Five Brands Connecting Small Business to Big Data


A common misconception about Big Data is that Big Business can only leverage it. While it is true that major corporations with huge budgets are more likely to contract the massive data analytics services offered by tech firms such as IBM and Google, this does not mean that small companies cannot access Big Data to … Read more

5 Elements of an Effective Business Website

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Business owners who need a website can find the web design process challenging to grasp. But this article can help small business owners figure out the essential elements that their website needs to become competitive in their space. These critical features can ensure that your potential customers have a good experience on your company’s website. … Read more

Free ways to recover lost Linux Ext2 partition data?

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If you are facing various issues while working with your Ext2 Linux system, this might be happening due to bad sectors on your drive or due to damaged file system. In such situation, first action you must take is: Diagnose your hard disk health status, probably it is containing bad sectors or the partition table … Read more