How Tetris Effect Highlights the Enduring Power of Gaming Classics

Tetris Effect

The constant evolution seen in video gaming technology means exciting new experiences are emerging every year. However, for a huge number of us, there is still nothing that can quite compare to hours spent on Game Boys or the SNES. So many people have enjoyed gaming as a hobby for decades, which means it does … Read more

How City Safety Technology Is Improving Road Safety


In 2015 alone, there were nearly 200,000 road-related casualties in the UK. The recent resolution of Dashcam and Sat Nav issues have helped improve road safety. However, City Safety Technology, which is currently being incorporated into Volvo’s designs, has already reduced accident claims by almost one third. The technology is likely to reduce crashes and save lives in … Read more

Making an Easy Shift from MS Office to Requirement Management Tool

chance to change

Many companies use the MS office for the requirement management to define various requirements. This is not a good practice; in fact, it has caused project allures or has left many projects at risk. The Requirements development incremental progression which comprises activities like elaboration, development analysis, and refinement, which are all sensitive activities and requires … Read more

Tips on Optimizing Your Mobile Device for the Best Gaming Experience


The mobile devices of nowadays are no longer just about making and receiving phone calls. They serve a lot of things including gaming. Gaming on mobile devices is for both professionals who play games for profits at sites such as and also for social players who play games for fun. Regardless of whether your … Read more