How to start an online gaming site

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Youmay well have read about the rampant success of online gambling – a £15 billion a year industry – and thought about getting involvedyourself. There’s just one thing to bear in mind before starting – it’s afiercely competitive marketplace to enter. Make getting started as easy as itcan be by checking out this simple step-by-step … Read more

Six Reasons Every Business Owner Should Have an Understanding of Accounting

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Being a good business owner is about more than just selling your product and understanding your business plans. Accounting is a huge part of business, whether we like it or not. Whilst we can hire accountants to ensure that our books are in order, having an understanding of accounting yourself is very important, especially when … Read more

Strange Tech Wars Are Shaking Up Today’s Tech Industry

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As the world keeps advancing, things get more complex. Technology used to be what older people describe as thingamajig but now, it has proven time and time again that it is highly beneficial for everyone. Smartphones, TVs, appliances, video games, cars, they all have their own tech wars. Apple vs Samsung, Huawei vs Xiaomi, Sony … Read more

Why Print Advertising Provides New Audience Potential for Tech Companies

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Tech-forward companies have been leading the way into the digital marketing revolution, but the print market is not dead yet. In fact, up to 82% respondents in a recent study by Marketing Sherpa said that they trusted print advertising in magazines and newspaper more than digital marketing when it comes to making purchasing decisions. When it comes … Read more

A Perfect Content Marketing Strategy: Step-By-Step Algorithm

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

Since creation and implementation of content marketing, creating a surefire content marketing strategy is often among the tasks of an Internet marketer, I have decided to structure my vision of the ideal algorithm to achieve such a goal, as well as to answer the most frequent questions that arise among marketers, entrepreneurs in its development, … Read more

Why There’s Still Room for Cloud Solution Startups

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In technology, the Cloud is one of the most talked about and mentioned innovations. The cloud essentially refers to using remote servers connected to the internet to store and manage data. So instead of having to download a particular software to your device, everything is done through the internet. Cloud computing has many different benefits, … Read more