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The Benefits Of Open Access Publications

There are many benefits to open-access publications, including a boost to research productivity, transparency, and innovation. Here are 10 benefits that researchers often gain by providing open access to their publications: Research Productivity increases with Online Distribution Open access publishing can help increase the research productivity of scientists by making their research more widely available […]


Why You Should Buy an iPad

If you were to walk into a tech store, there is no doubt that you would be overwhelmed with options. There are just so many different tech products on the market now. Each is going to offer its own purpose and give you a new reason to buy it. The convenience that these tech products […]

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How To Create A Successful Study Schedule While Working Full-Time

The college experience today looks a little different because of the number of non-traditional students pursuing degrees. There hasn’t been a noteworthy change in the proportion of students working while in school in recent decades, but the number of hours these students work has.  According to a Georgetown University report, nearly 76% of graduate students […]

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Your Guide To Creating More Marketing Power: Scaling Up Your Business With Systemized Marketing

When it comes to growing businesses, most organizations wish for more leads and clients in their business. The goal of a business should not be solely focused on making income but on how you can help your clients.  If your business is not growing or is plateaued, you may need to consider your marketing strategies. […]

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Traffic affiliate marketing in 2022

In 2022, the whole world is functioning online – dating, games, shopping, communication, work. If we do not know something, we turn to Google or Yahoo for help. If we want to get a job, we scroll through channels with job openings. If we need passive income, we enter affiliate marketing. Nowadays, traffic affiliate marketing, […]

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The Science of Gamer Motivation

Ever wondered what really motivates gamers to keep playing? Is it the satisfaction of finally completing a level they have been stuck on for hours? The social aspect of playing with friends? Or is there something deeper at work? As it turns out, there is a science to gamer motivation – and understanding it can […]