Gaming Immersion: What the future holds

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What is game immersion? How can you tell whether you’re fully engrossed in a game? There are several apparent indicators: time passes without notice; you become ignorant of events or people around you; your heart rate quickens in frightening or exciting passages; you empathise with the characters. But, while we can list the signs and … Read more

Technology and its impact on gaming

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The gaming industry generated a revenue of $165 billion generated in 2020. This growth has been fuelled by the growth of technology. The first commercial game machine was called the ‘Brown Box’ and it was released in 1967 and soon followed by ‘Pong’ which was created by Atari in 1972. Soon after we saw the … Read more

Console or PC – Which Is Better for Gaming?

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Everyone needs technology, despite the fact that we have different goals. Someone needs to work, someone likes to play live roulette and someone for constant games. Especially avid gamers. Moreover, the choice between technology, namely between a gaming computer and a console, is a constant topic for novice gamers, since experienced players already know exactly … Read more