A Beginner’s Guide to Hearing Aids

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Many people suffer from some type of hearing loss. The vast majority of these individuals are adults aged over 65 years. Often, the condition goes undetected and untreated. This puts patients at the risk of other conditions such as dementia and depression. Hearing aids are an effective solution for hearing loss since they boost your … Read more

Should You Get A Wearable Gadget?

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Did you know the first wearable gadgets saw use in the casinos? Back in the 1960s, the first wearable devices in the world could count the cards automatically and hence improve the gambler’s chances at the roulette table.  Keep in mind that this only worked in land-based casinos, not online casinos like Gclub. The inventors … Read more

Smart Steps To Choosing The Right Home Security System


More households are acknowledging the importance of security systems in their properties. According to the Video Surveillance Market report, the video surveillance market earned a total of $28.18 billion in 2017. Based on the 14.2 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) from 2018 to 2025, the market will grow to as much as $87.36 billion by … Read more

How Much Smarter Can Technology Get?


Technology has apparently gotten so smart in the last two decades that some pundits are predicting an era where machines are smarter than people. If you’ve ever been concerned about this, then you can rest easy because digital devices aren’t actually becoming smarter and won’t ever replace humanity. Engineers are merely designing tools that solve … Read more