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How To Create A Successful Study Schedule While Working Full-Time

The college experience today looks a little different because of the number of non-traditional students pursuing degrees. There hasn’t been a noteworthy change in the proportion of students working while in school in recent decades, but the number of hours these students work has.  According to a Georgetown University report, nearly 76% of graduate students […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Being A Successful Computer Science Student

Computer science studies are becoming more popular with each passing day as more people enroll to pursue a bachelor’s degree that will land them in front of the coding keyboard. Developing life-changing software and being part of something bigger is every student’s dream, but walking the path to that goal can be rocky. The prerequisite […]


True Cost of an LMS

Every business, at least every business that wants to stay in business, manages cost. An organisation assessing the cost of a Learning Management System (LMS) also wants the best value for money. First, you need to think carefully about the type of LMS that’s right for your organisation – whether you’re using one for educating […]

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Overview of Six Sigma Green Belt Certbolt Exam and Its In-demand Training Courses and Practice Tests

If you are already knowledgeable about the Six Sigma concepts and want to handle projects in the best companies, it will be a wise decision to pass the Green Belt exam first and earn the badge. With it, you validate your willingness to grow your business acumen, foster your commercial value, and prove far-reaching impact […]

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Top five virtual classroom and paper writing services apps that simplify the studying process

Mobile apps are a great way to learn and make the studying process at least a bit easier. No matter whether you need to find a trustworthy paper writing service or an app that serves as a virtual classroom, there are lots of available alternatives online. For instance, Harvard University has online courses that can […]

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How does Stanford Mobile help Stanford University students achieve better academic results?

Stanford University has created and developed an app to help its students, faculty, alumni and even parents stay updated and connect with each other whenever they need it. Apart from that, the app offers such information as dining options, news and updates, upcoming events and more. Stanford students continue to provide positive feedback regarding this […]

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PSAT Practice Test – Format, Structure, and Tips to Help You Succeed

Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT), also called National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT), is an examtaken bythe10th grade students preparing for college life. The body that administers this exam is the College Board, and it co-sponsors this test with the US National Merit Scholarship Corporation.The PSAT exam is a precursor for the SAT test and […]