Terra Cryptocurrency and Its Future Prospects

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Terraform Labs that founded the Terra cryptocurrency, now benefits from the project`s increasing publicity on the Korean market. In addition, the company recently announced that it is going to receive $150 million for the development and creating cryptocurrency projects operating on the top of the Terra blockchain. The funds should come from large investors such … Read more

How to ensure a crypto exchange security

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In 2009 the first cryptocurrency called Bitcoin appeared. In the beginning nobody believed it would become so popular and precious. In fact nowadays we have thousands of different cryptocurrencies that continue to overwhelm the market. Even though blockchain technology, which is a basis of the cryptocurrency, is marked by a high level of security, fraudsters … Read more

Start Trading without Specific Skills and Experience Easily

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Do you hear from everyone that cryptocurrency trading helps to become financially independent? It isn’t a myth. The crypto market is booming. You can earn good money if you trade popular cryptocurrency pairs. “How can I trade if I know little about trends on the crypto market?” – Don’t worry. Today, the only thing you … Read more

How to Exchange Ethereum to Theta Fuel?

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Cryptocurrency exchanges are very successful with users of digital currency systems. An exchanger is a specific service that provides assistance for transferring stocks from different payment systems. Every service requires a payment for its help and presents its cryptocurrency charges for the exchange. Overview of exchangers and how they work Each cryptocurrency exchanger works according … Read more

Is Doging A Good Investment? 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting In On It

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Dogecoin started as a joke following a misspelt meme describing a dog. It is a decentralized digital currency with anonymity provision on blockchain trading. The digital currency has been valuable to millions of investors and has been a synonymous altcoin mainly for Reddit and Twitter users –it’s a reward for good behavior.  Dogecoin is cheap … Read more

3 biggest Fintech innovations of the century

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Fintech advances flooded the twenty-first century, and as time passes, more and more novelties find their way into our daily lives. These technologies have had a significant effect on the finance market, and numerous entrepreneurs are coming up with innovative ways to make customers’ lives simpler. We take all those changes and innovations for granted … Read more