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Server Information SQL Query for SCCM

The below SQL query can be used against your SCCM database to return information about your servers. You can edit this query to bring back different information and also use...

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Uninstalling Google Earth using SCCM

Most users in organisations believe that Google Earth is a great tool for their work and freely install it on their work machines and think nothing of it. Well, Google...


SCCM | WQL Query for devices with Google Earth installed

If you want to identify machines with Google Earth software installed, you can utilise the Add/Remove Programs software inventory to do this by using this query.

This WQL query...

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Java 7 Update 55 MSI & Deployment Using SCCM

We recently had a problem involving Java 7 update 55 where when added to the software catalog, users were getting the error messages as below upon installation: “Neither command line...

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Skype 6.10 MSI File Released

Skype have now released version 6.10 and have also made public a download location for the MSI. This is excellent news for those that wish to deploy Skype through Group...

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Useful Download Links

Below is a list of useful links for downloading MSI files. ADOBE DOWNLOADS Adobe Reader FTP Site Adobe Shockwave Player Download Site Adobe Flash Player Download Site BROWSER DOWNLOADS Google...