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SCCM WQL Query – All Windows 10 Installs

If you are using Configuration Manager and you want to create a collection based on all Windows 10 installations, you can use this WQL query below:

You can change...


SCCM – 52 Operational Collections

There is an excellent Powershell download available giving you 52 operational collections within SCCM. You should go over to the link below and take a look: 52 SCCM Powershell Collections...


SCCM Collection Query – Virtual Machines

If you are looking for a SCCM collection query for virtual machines in your environment, then you can use this query below:


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Get WMI Query v1.6 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Get WMI Query v1.6. This is an update from our previous 1.4 version and we have now slightly redesigned the program to fit...