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Flash Player – Push out via SCCM

If you are looking at pushing out or just updating Adobe Flash Player via SCCM – follow this procedure. First download the latest version of flash player – usually

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MSI Packager for SCCM

If you are looking for a good MSI packager to create MSI’s for deployment using SCCM – I recommend EMCO – you can get it for free and works a...


Windows XP OSD

Today I cracked Windows XP OSD, turns out various problems I had with it in the past were down to the AHCI and Co-Processor settings. If you wish to see...

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Google Earth – SCCM Uninstall

The best way to ensure Google Earth gets removes is to collect the Google Earth.msi file that is put into the %temp% directory when installed – but you have to...

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A Welcome

Hello all and welcome to my new SCCM blog. I’ve been working with SCCM 2007 for just coming up to a year now and I’ve learnt from scratch with only...