Guest Posts

We do allow guest posts and link additions to existing posts in some cases across our websites.

Our Websites

Listed below is a list of all our websites with the SEO statics as of February 2023. We can post new articles and also add link niches to existing articles on all these sites.

Websites statistics

WebsiteMoz DA Scoreahrefs DR ScoreTraffic (monthly avg)Spam ScoreWebsite Age
techygeekshome.info7245104,0001%14 Years
how2genius.com51.38006%2 Years Years

Pricing options

WebsitePrice (General Post)Price (Premium Post)Price (Link)$100$150$75$30$50$20$50$75$45

Premium posts are classed as, but not limited to; casino, CBD, crypto, essay, loans, and medical-themed articles.

Social Media

All new articles posted on our website will be automatically shared on our social network channels.


Note that only articles written by A.J. Armstrong or T.R. Powell can be edited on our TechyGeeksHome website. You can see these posts using the links below:


The following guidelines for us to accept your guest post. Failure to meet these guidelines will result in us rejecting your post:

  • Minimum 800 words with headings as we will add a Table of Contents to fit with our site design
  • Single featured image to be provided for thumbnails and homepage image
  • Content must match the topic of the website
  • Minimum 2 images to be added to the content – Non-copyrighted
  • Video content is allowed to be added to the content
  • Unique content only – no spun articles
  • You can provide up to 5 SEO keywords
  • Cite 2-3 high-quality websites where possible
  • Plagiarism-free
  • If major editing is required we will reject your article
  • No more than 2 do-follow links are allowed in a single post
  • No more than 2 no-follow links are allowed in a single post

Please be very aware that we do check the quality of submitted articles. Any articles generated by ChatGPT or similar AI WILL BE REJECTED.

Be aware that we are currently unable to write posts for you.

We always aim to have your posts live on our site within 24 hours of receiving them. However, this is not a guarantee.

Sample Posts

If you wish to see a Google indexed, sample post, you can click the link below to live articles on our website:


We primarily accept PayPal, however, we can also accept Payoneer or bank transfers on request. We can also accept various crypto payments but please make it clear which crypto token you would like to pay with when you submit your article to us.

We will send a PayPal invoice once your article is posted on the website.


If we do not receive a payment within 10 working days your article will be removed from our site. If we continue to not receive payment after 30 days, you will be added to a blacklist shared amongst other bloggers. We also reserve the right to contact your clients about any non-payments.


If you wish to proceed, please send us your post and featured image for review to


Will external links be do-follow?

Yes, all or any links can be set to do-follow in your article. If you wish, you can also add no-follow links into your article, but please make this clear when submitting to us.

Will the post be marked as sponsored?

No, so long as your content is relevant to the site and of good quality enough to add additional value to our website.

Can you offer a discount?

We can offer a discount but only for people who will be submitting regular posts. We cannot offer discounts on Premium articles.

Will you accept $5?

We get a huge amount of SEO agencies wanting to pay virtually nothing to us. The simple answer is no. We have our pricing policy set and no matter how many times you reply with different offers, the refusal will not change. We can offer small discounts to agencies, but please be realistic. We will simply ignore ridiculous counter-offers.

Do you have any other websites?

Yes, we do. You can see our list of sites and prices for each, earlier on this page in the table.

Can you write an article for us?

At this time, we cannot write articles for you. If you wish to submit to our site, then you will need to provide us with your article pre-written by yourselves.

Can I submit an article for free?

The simple answer is no. We used to allow it for seemingly genuine fellow bloggers, however, this was being abused by SEO agencies to get free links from our site. Since then, we offer no free posts, even if you are a regular blogger looking for a backlink.

Can I just have a link in the author bio?

Again, for the same reason as above, we cannot allow backlinks in the author bio either.

Will the article be indexed by Google?

Yes, all of our articles are immediately submitted to be indexed by Google, Bing and Yandex.

Will the article be permanent?

Any submitted article will be on the site for as long as the site is live. We will only remove an article for non-payment.

Will the article be on the homepage?

Our homepage consists of the most recent 12 articles posted. The article will be on the homepage until it is pushed down the list until eventually dropping off after the next 12 articles.

Will any other links or changes be made to the article in the future?

No. Once the article is approved and posted, the article will not be edited in any way.

Can you send me a sample post?

Sample posts are available from the link above on this page.