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Microsoft Updates – More Faulty Updates – KB4103712

After our recent posts about Microsoft releasing faulty updates and breaking user computers, we have now found yet another Microsoft Update which has been causing a problem with machines rebooting themselves quite randomly and completely losing network connections. Again we have done a load of testing and Googling and found the update to be KB4103712. Problem […]

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New Tuesday New Broken Microsoft Updates – KB4103718 & KB4103727

Yet again it looks as though Microsoft have pushed out their updates without testing them fully first! More problems have been reported after this round of Tuesdays updates which is now becoming a very regular occurrence. Again, after much Googling and removing updates one by one, we finally came to the conclusion that two more […]

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KB4099950 & KB4093113 – Yet More Faulty Windows Updates Released by Microsoft

A few days ago we posted here about two Microsoft updates that had been causing us a number of problems with our older Windows 7 machines. We thought that we had resolved all of our issues in relation to these updates, but we have this week seen machines dropping off the network and ramdomly rebooting themselves […]

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Powershell – Export all members of all AD Security Groups to CSV

Powershell is an awesome tool and can help IT professionals in gathering information in a split second whereas otherwise it could take hours manually. We were recently asked to carry out a number of tasks for information gathering for annual housekeeping. The tasks were varied but were made up of information from Active Directory and […]

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KB4093118 & KB4093108 – Another Faulty Windows Update Released by Microsoft

Microsoft have yet again released another Windows Update which has caused corruption and crashing on Windows computers. We have particularly hit with issues on Windows 7 machines. Although there are reported issues with Server 2008 R2 as well. So, having spent a few hours searching for todays culprit, we found that the update causing the […]

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How to create correct partitions to deploy a Windows image to a UEFI based device

We have recently come across an issue when trying to deploy a test virtual machine using Hyper-V (Generation 2 – UEFI) that once you have selected your task sequence, you get an error and the task sequence bombs out. This is because we had not setup the correct drive partitions to be able to deploy […]

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Enable Windows Remote Desktop Protocol and Set Firewall Rules using PowerShell

If you are using Windows Server 2012 or newer, or if you are just using Windows Server Core, then this Powershell script will help you out by enabling Remote Desktop and setting the correct firewall inbound rules. Simply open up an elevated Powershell command box, or use Powershell ISE and use the two scripts below, […]